July 2024

Best European Poker Sites

European Poker Sites Players that live in Europe have a wide range of online poker sites to choose from. There are major online players such as Titan Poker as well as land based bookmakers who have made the move to the Internet. Each have their own merits but it really boils down to what you, the player is looking for. To help speed your decision we've ranked the best European online poker rooms for you. By taking a look at our detailed reviews and rankings and find the perfect Euro poker rooms for you.

From a wide range of European poker sites, we rigorously selected the very best ones based on the following merits:

  • High-quality graphics
  • Promotions, events, and prizes all geographically targeted to multiple European countries
  • Airtight security and excellent customer service

Europe Poker Sites Online

There are many variables that we've discovered while researching the best Euro online poker websites. Some offer better banking options than others, some offer more lucrative cash games, others may take land-based payments to get your money onto their site. At the end of the day there are so many options to deposit with that it may be tough to choose only one. Regardless, you can choose your new online poker home here using our rankings and play with the confidence that you made the best choice. To play online poker in euros visit the Euros poker rooms guide on PokerSites.com.

Our judging team evaluates sites by actually joining and playing the games on the site

We have set out to evaluate the best European poker rooms so that it cuts your work down considerably. We base our evaluations on the quality of graphics each site has, the payouts they offer, the welcome bonuses each offers as well as the security and customer service each one provides. Only the very best European poker sites are featured on our sites, leaving you free to try each one to decide the one that you like best.

Sign on bonuses are a very important aspect in choosing the right Euro poker website. These give you additional money for each Euro you add to your player account. That means more time spent winning and better odds for your money. These aspects should not foreshadow your game choices, however, and selecting the right online poker sites in Europe for you means choosing the ones that offer the games you like best. Our selection criterion for game variety increases the odds that you will find just the right site above.

We also choose Europe poker sites online for the ease of sign up, and software compatibility. We also demand the very best in customer support on each site as well as a great reputation amongst players. This is important because it is the players that know what works and doesn't over the long run. Our judging team evaluates sites by actually joining and playing the games available, using the software and testing various aspects of each site to fully understand the workings and if they are a good choice for our lists, but it is the opinion of long-term players that also help us determine if what looks good on the surface is really good enough to stand the test of time. This all means, which you can choose one of the above Euro poker sites with the confidence of knowing that it will work well, provide a lot of fun, and be a great choice for a long time to come.


Is it legal to play online poker in Europe?

In many ways, that is a tough question to answer. Although we think of Europe as a financially bound entity, online poker laws are as varied as the countries in Europe. For the most part European countries do allow online poker play. The countries that make up Europe are all individually responsible for their own legislation. Increasingly countries are changing their legislation to tip in favor of online poker players. It is important to look closer at the country where you seek to play. In the meantime, enjoy one of the many legal sites that our team has recommended. 

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Yes, you do have to pay taxes on your online poker winnings. The amount you have to pay and the guidelines vary from country to country. It is very important to understand the independent tax laws prior to winning big.

Can I play on my mobile device?

There is great news for the online poker player on the go. Increasingly technology is being developed to meet the avid poker player on whatever device they prefer. So, it doesn’t matter if your favorite way to engage in a game of online poker is on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or your good ole’ PC, there is quality gaming available to you.

Can I play for free?

Not only do most online poker sites provide free play, they actually encourage it. What better way to vet a site then to first get use to your surroundings, get a feel for the play action, and fine tune your skills. Don’t wait too long to feel the thrill of earning outstanding bonuses that most online sites also offer.

Do I have to download software?

The good news is that due to improved technology and increased use of mobile devices no download sites are available. Many will still require a download so as to enable a fully engage experience. The thing to remember is that every site we recommend is completely safe.

Are online poker sites safe?

Yes, they are typically safe. We have taken time to find out which are safe and which ones are questionable. Like you we also want to know that we are playing it safe. Due to strict regulations associated with online gaming, reputable websites implement high quality and secure software to ensure you have a high quality experience.

Which methods of deposit are recommended?

When it comes to playing poker throughout Europe, the best way to play for real money is to rely upon popular credit cards. Visa and MasterCard are two of the most favorable methods and increasingly, e-wallets, such as Neteller are quick and seamless.

What poker variations will I find?

When playing online poker throughout all of Europe you can expect to find all the top tournament games being played. You will find Texas Hold’em, five-card stud, seven-card stud, and Omaha, to name a few. Some countries have local favorites, but, by and large, anticipate games that will get you hungry for good tournament play. 

Will I find many tournaments?

Europe is a hotbed of tournament action. Some of the best tournament stars are coming out of European countries. What is great about this diversity is also the range of skill levels and buy-ins.  No matter what level you are, get ready to rise to the top.

Do I have to be a high stakes player?

Only if you want to. Whether you want to play for pennies, or high stakes, set your play. Fortunately, whether you are a big fish and you want to go easy for a while, or you are a little fish and you seek a challenge, the game is yours.

When do I unlock my welcome bonus?

Typically, the sites that offer a welcome bonus will want you to fully establish an account. Most welcome bonuses are in conjunction with real money deposits. There is no better way to increase your bankroll early on than to take advantage of some of the very generous bonuses online.