Privacy and Cookie Policy

The Privacy and Cookie Policy below (together the "Privacy Policy") is an important document, which you ("you" or "user") should read carefully.

This Privacy Policy has been put together by (the"Company", "we" or "us") as a way of acquainting our users with our methods of gathering and processing anonymized data through our website (the "Website"), and the legal and ethical reasons for which we gather and process such data. logo

On the Website you can find information about gaming web pages and general online gaming updates. There may also be links and advertisements for third party-websites in the same industry which do not belong to the Company (these and the Website will hereafter be jointly referred to as: the "Services"). Websites which you access by following these links and advertisements have their own distinct privacy and cookie policies. Before you submit any personal data to these websites, you should read their privacy policies carefully.

Your continued access of the Website is taken to constitute your acknowledgement and consent to our Privacy Policy and the methods it describes for gathering and storing any anonymized information.

Types of information collected

Non-personal information

Throughout your use of our Services, information may be collected that is un-identified and non-identifiable, and will be referred to as "non-personal information" in this Privacy Policy.

Information in this category may include data sent out by your internet-enabled device, such as your IP address and other information that can distinguish you from other users, and comprehensive information about your website access, including the type and version of your browser and your operating system, the language in which you browse the Website, and your preferred browsing times when it comes to our Website and the Services.

Other information we gather from you may include the way in which you browse the Website and use our Services, so that we can streamline and design the Website to suit your needs and preferences.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are a way of distinguishing one user from another, so that you can be given a more personalised experience by our Website. Cookies also help the Company increase the general security and user-friendliness of the Website.

Every time a user accesses a website, the website responds by creating and sending them a temporary computer file called a 'cookie', which is assigned to this specific user and allows the website to keep track of different users and their particular preferences. The job of cookies is to make the communication between users and the Services smoother, simpler and more satisfactory on repeat visits.

Below is a list of the different types of cookies that our Website uses, including their various purposes:

  • 'Session cookies' – these are temporary cookies which are created by the Website each time you access the website and are then automatically deleted once you close your browser. If you disable session cookies, then the performance of the Website will decline, because they are needed for the smooth running of the Website.
  • 'Persistent cookies' – these cookies are used by our third-party service providers, such as web analytics companies who analyse the ways in which our users engage with a website. Persistent cookies can be kept for up to a year by the relevant companies, in accordance with their privacy policies. Persistent cookies come in three categories:
    • Analytical/performance cookies – these are cookies which collect anonymous data about a website's visitors in order to compile data on the ways in which users access and navigate a website. This data helps the Company reorganise the Website and provide the Services which users are actually interested in.
    • Functionality cookies – these cookies help the Company distinguish you from other users, in order to provide you with a better, more optimized experience the next time you visit our Website; and
    • Targeting cookies – these cookies keep a record of the links you click on within our Website, so that we can provide you with external links that match your needs.

In using our Website you provide us with your consent that you have understood and accepted our Cookie Policy. It is important to note that cookies gather only non-personal information, which cannot be used to identify users personally.

You are provided with the option to refuse the creation of cookies for you by the Services, and you can do this by accessing your internet browser's settings and turning off its acceptance of some or all cookies. Doing this may lower the general performance of the Website and its related third-party services, since cookies help us ensure that our level of service matches your expectations.

Third-party links

This Privacy Policy is compiled by the staff of and is only applicable to information that you submit to our Website. If you click on any links on the Website which lead you to third-party websites, the data that you share there will be covered by the relevant privacy policies of the third-party websites. Third-party affiliates are independent entities, not controlled by the Company, and they have separate established processes for handling user information. The Website does not accept any liability for the privacy controls of third-party websites. By accessing third-party websites, you acknowledge this and agree to bear any and all risks that may arise from sharing information on these websites.

Any information that users share with third-party websites that are hyperlinked to the Website will not be covered by this Privacy Policy.

Using user information

Beyond the reasons listed above for collecting data related to our users, we may also use that data to do the following:

  • Protect the structural integrity of the Website;
  • Assess how interesting and important our content is to our users;
  • Analyse data with the purpose of improving and individualizing the Services.

We may also handle information that we have gathered when complying with any relevant legal requirements, or in order to comply with any court requests or requests by equivalent legal entities.

Sharing your information

Information that has been gathered from you may be shared with third parties for the following reasons:

  • Service providers and related entities

The Company may share your data to affiliated third party businesses or other trusted business partners so that they can fulfil their data-processing function for the Website. Third-party affiliates may engage in researching, diagnosing or analysing the data and the technology through which it has been received.

  • Other disclosures

Anonymized data gathered from users may also be shared with business advisers, auditors and any potential buyers or investors in the Company. Such data may also be shared with our affiliates and subsidiaries.

If the Company becomes involved in a major corporate transaction, such as selling a significant portion of the business, buying a business or asset, or a company merger, such data may be shared with the potential buyer or seller of the aforementioned assets or business.

In addition, the Company may also share such data if sharing it is considered reasonably necessary or helpful when complying with any legal obligation, applicable law or government request; when upholding intellectual property or other legal rights; when taking action against unlawful activity, alleged fraud or security breaches; when enforcing the Company's internal policies; when effecting the Company's right to contest a legal claim; and when ensuring the security and rights of the user, the Company or any related third party.

Retention of user information

Anonymized data that is gathered from users is handled and stored by the Company only for the length of time that is specified in the Company's policies and stipulated by gaming and other relevant law requirements. Through your use of the Website you give your informed consent to this Privacy Policy and the data handling procedures it outlines. It is the Company's responsibility to ensure the security of information according to the procedures described in this Privacy Policy.

Securing and transferring your information

The Company takes the security of both the Services and our data very seriously. Therefore, the Company aims to provide the highest available levels of security as a way of preventing unlawful access to Company and its information. Regrettably, the transmission of data over the internet can never be 100% secure, so the Company cannot guarantee that the security of our data will never be breached. The Company can only make sure that all reasonable effort is constantly made by the Company to safeguard all data in its possession. Any online data transfers are made at your own risk.

The Company has offices in many different countries, which means that user data may happen to be transmitted through and to countries that are under laws that are different from those in the European Union ("EU"). Despite the fact that in such countries, the local data protection laws may not be as extensive as those laws and regulations followed by the countries in the EU, the Company will make all reasonable effort to protect data following the same safety procedures as within the EU. When you use the Services, you give your informed consent to the transfer of information as per the processes detailed in this Privacy Policy.


The Company stresses that individuals below the age of 18 are legally forbidden from using the Services. The Services have been created with users above the age of 18 in mind, and they are not to be accessed by minors.

Privacy Policy updates

From time to time this Privacy Policy will be revised to reflect Company and legal changes at the Company's sole discretion. The Website will always present the latest version of the Privacy Policy. We strongly recommend that you read this Privacy Policy closely and review it on a regular basis.

Any further access of our Website will be taken as the user's informed consent and acknowledgement of these changes.

Information about us

Users who would like to submit any queries about the Website, the third-party services offered, or about the data that is gathered by the Services about users and their movements on the Website, can contact us using the contact form.