June 2024

Guide to Tablet Poker Sites

Tablet Poker Sites Tablet poker sites are becoming extremely popular and the high-quality choices are many. But before you use your tablet to download and play on any random poker app, read our guide below to learn:

  • Which tablet poker apps are the most popular
  • The mobile tablet poker sites that give you the most gameplay options
  • How to play real money tablet poker on apps that aren't tablet-specific

Visit our guide if you wish to find out more about mobile and tablet poker online.

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Blacklisted Sites

We’ve looked far and wide to bring you our definitive list of the best poker sites to play on your tablet. And whilst there are many great sites to choose from, there are also a few which you’ll want to avoid. These have been blacklisted by our team. In the interests of your online safety and security, we recommend you stay away from the following casinos.

Lock Poker
Lock Poker has attracted criticism due to its lengthy payment processes. The casino has left some players waiting over a year for their winnings.
Ultimate Bet
Unfair payment procedures have brought this casino to the attention of our team. In fact, the site’s owners have been prosecuted for fraud in the United States.
Absolute Poker
This rogue casino is at the heart of cheating scandals, and games have been confirmed to be rigged at this scam online casino. The site’s founders have faced legal action in the US.
Card Spike
Card Spike’s players report waiting years for money they’ve withdrawn, with absolutely no assistance from the site’s customer support team, who are unresponsive and unhelpful.

Advantages of the Real Money TabletPoker Experience

With the rising popularity of doing just about everything on mobile devices, it should be no surprise that there are many great online smartphone and tablet poker apps. So you don't have to go searching, we have compiled the best real money tablet poker sites based off criteria such as:

  • Tablet-Specificity: While many poker apps (and sites) are compatible with tablet, not all are designed specifically for tablet play. For the smoothest tablet poker experience, we recommend ones that are.
  • Options: Many online poker apps limit game types and options, but we prefer to list only ones that give you the full gaming experience.
  • Security: With how easy it is now for anyone to develop and sell an app, we make sure we only recommend ones that have the latest in encryption security to protect your funds and information.

When you play online poker on a tablet, such as at Pokerstars (or any other app specifically designed for a tablet), you'll immediately notice the difference versus playing in your tablet's browser or on a smartphone app. A tablet-optimized app means the screen fits your device perfectly and that all the buttons and options are crisp, clear, and easy to select. Because you aren't using a keyboard and mouse, the interface is often simplified for a rich online poker experience that is simple and easy to use.

One of the great things about tablet poker sites is that they obviously don't take a big time commitment. This means if you are in an airport, at the dentist office, or some other place with Wi-Fi, you can whip out your tablet, open up your PokerStars tablet app or other mobile poker app, and get a few hands in while you wait. For more information on how to play online with your mobile, check out our mobile guide.

Go Native

When thinking about downloading a tablet poker app, be sure to first check if it is an official tablet app of the poker room it says it belongs to. Sometimes these tablet apps pose as official ones when they really aren't and are just trying to deceive users.

Some poker rooms don't have a tablet-specific app, but do have one for smartphones. In these instances, give the smartphone app a try as sometimes they will translate extremely well and the differences are unnoticeable for tablet poker. Real money play is available through this method as well, (if it's available on the smartphone app).

Break Free

There is a way to modify your non-iOS tablet so you can play your favorite online poker room's Apple-only app on it. While there are many steps involved in this process, there are many tutorials online that can show how to expand your online tablet poker options even further.

Play Away

As mobile usage for everything surges in popularity, online poker rooms have had a hard time keeping up with the market's demand. However with an app called TeamViewer, you can gain remote access to online desktop-only poker rooms from your tablet without having to wait for your favorite site to develop a mobile-specific app.

Choosing only from poker rooms that have developed a tablet-specific app (such as the PokerStars tablet app) might feel limited at first, but with TeamViewer your options become endless. This is especially great if you love the poker room you play at on your desktop and don't want to worry about tracking funds on two (or more) separate online poker accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every poker site offer full support for all tablets?

It depends. Some sites offer poker apps for iOS. Others offer them for Android. Some offer Windows Phone apps. And others offer support for all devices. We recommend reading through our reviews for all the info.

When I play poker on my tablet, who am I playing against?

You're playing against people all over the world on all sorts of devices. The poker sites we recommend are device-agnostic, so when you sit down to play at a table, you're playing against a mix of people on tablets, smartphones, Macs, and PCs.

Do I have to play real money poker?

Not at all. Tablet online poker sites want you to experience what they have to offer, so many have opened up their tables to those with no bankroll. That means you can create a free account and hit the tables without worrying about risking any money. This is great for new players who are testing the waters. And it's also great for seasoned players who aren't quite used to the user interface of tablet poker apps. Playing free poker on your iPad or other tablet lets you get a feel for everything and learn the nuances of the software.

Can I use my account on more than one tablet?

Definitely. Your poker account is your key to the tables, but which door you use is up to you. If you have an Android and an iPad, feel free to jump from tablet to another whenever you like. It should be noted that you can't log in on more than one tablet at a time.

Will I find poker sites apps in the App Store and Google Play?

It depends on which country you're in and which device you've got. Some poker sites offer native apps for all devices while others only offer an app for one platform. And while some might offer apps for all devices in one country, Apple and Google rules might prevent them from offering the app in another country.

I've played poker on a smartphone and didn't like it. Is the tablet experience the same?

Not at all. Remember, with a tablet poker sites have way more room to work with, so there's a lot more breathing room for players. Many find the tablet experience more akin to a desktop experience, with the added benefit of touch.

Do all tablet poker sites offer multi-tabling?

Check with the poker site first. Some poker tablet apps offer you the option to multi-table while others only let you play at one table at a time. Keep in mind that poker sites update their tablet apps quite frequently, so new features are constantly added.

Are tablet poker sites secure?

Yes. You'll be able to take advantage of the same encryption technology found in desktop poker software. So whether you're clicking or tapping to raise, your money and personal info will be secure.