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Governor of Poker Review

Governor of Poker is an award-winning Texas themed poker game created by Youdagames. Self-proclaimed “Greatest Poker Destination in the World”, the Governor of Poker social gaming site now has three iterations, as well as features that allow you to learn the basics of poker and give you tools such as an odds calculator. Governor of Poker is a great platform for new players who want to learn the ins and outs of poker in a fun, gamified way!

The different versions of this social gaming app allow you to choose from single player and multiplayer functions. You can play in regular games or tournaments. Keep reading our Poker Sites Governor of Poker review to learn more about this exciting social gaming site!


Play Anywhere, Anytime!

Governor of Poker is not simply one game or app. The brand encompasses Governor of Poker 2, Governor of Poker 3, five different apps that help train and teach you to play Texas Hold’em, and even blackjack options if you ever want to venture away from poker.

All of Governor of Poker’s games and apps are available on a PC or Mac via your web browser, or you can be download them onto any mobile device through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Steam. You can sign in and play using a Facebook or Google account. We tried all methods during our Poker Sites Governor of Poker review and they all seemed to work flawlessly.

Governor of Poker 2 is a single player option and is available offline. This version offers you a storyline experience. Along with the fun of simply playing Texas Hold’em, you travel to different cities in Texas to play new players at each destination. You are able to buy houses in 19 different cities as you progress through the game. Our Governor of Poker mobile review found that this version of the app was perfect for players who wanted to play where ever, whenever given that you can play offline and it’s a solo game rather than playing against other real opponents.

Governor of Poker 3 is a multiplayer option that is likely better suited for more advanced players who want to play against real-life opponents and advance in tournaments. You are able to engage in different types of poker, not just Texas Hold’em. This version of the game still maintains a storyline theme, but allows players more flexibility in who and how they play. It is one of the most entertaining interactive social gaming options for poker players available!

Stake Levels

Play Big To Win Big

The stake levels in the Governor of Poker social gaming app grow bigger as you progress through levels. The more you play and win, the higher the stakes will get. The highest stake game available goes up to 1 million chips.   

Tournament Play

Win Against Your Friends

Since there is no real money to be won, tournaments aren’t a big part of the Governor of Poker social gaming site, but you can still engage in Sit and Go tournaments with other players or even your friends.  Instead of money, you can earn achievements and XP points by playing the game and show off to other players by earning badges and trophies.

Webcam Poker

Get Social And Interact

There is not a webcam feature in any of Governor of Poker’s games, but you are still able to have an interactive social gaming experience while playing Governor of Poker 3. Players choose a picture and username and can interact with other players at their table through a chat box using text and emojis. You can invite players to play at the same table as you, as well as share poker chips with your friends!   

Poker Formats

Tons Of Great Gaming Options For Everyone

Governor of Poker 2 only offers Texas Hold’em, but Governor of Poker 3 offers you many more options. After our extensive Governor of Poker mobile review, we are sure there are enough options for everyone to enjoy!

The gaming formats in Governor of Poker 3 are as follows:

  • Cash Games
  • Sit and Go Tournaments
  • Push or Fold
  • Big Win
  • Royal Poker

Loyalty Program

Move Up-Levels To Get More Perks

Governor of Poker does not have a loyalty program, but every player does set up an account and the more you play and win, the higher your ranking, which means badges and free chips to play with! You are able to sign up for the game with Facebook and by doing so, you can share your wins and trophies with your friends!

Customer Service & Banking

All Your Questions Answered In One Easy Place

Governor of Poker makes finding answers to any questions you may have extremely easy. Our Governor of Poker online review found that the website is one of the easiest poker social gaming sites to navigate and we had no trouble getting help from the extensive facts and answers section on the site. You can quickly review the easy to navigate sections and find solutions within seconds.

Since the Governor of Poker social gaming app only uses play money, there aren’t any banking options on the site. However, if you want to make purchases in the app for more gold, chips, or clothes to stylize your avatar in the game, you do so through the payment method on your Facebook or Google account.


We Have A Winner!

Governor of Poker is the perfect game for beginners and advanced players alike. Beginners are offered extensive tools and learning guides to get them up to speed with poker stars. Meanwhile, more advanced players will find fun in the theme and graphics that the social gaming app provides. The Western theme is far more interesting than your typical online poker table. We hope all of your questions are answered after reading our Poker Sites Governor of Poker review!

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Hits & Misses
  • Engaging storyline
  • Exciting variations for players
  • Can be played in multiple ways
  • Help for new players
  • Ideal for any type of player
  • No real money play involved
  • Serious players may find the platform juvenile
  • The lobby at Governor of Poker
  • Governor of Poker Table View
Editor Rating:


Freerolls 8.9
Tournaments 9.1
Rake 9.4
Sit & Go 8.7
Ring/Cash Games 9.2
Traffic 9.6
Bonus 9.1
Software & Graphics 8.9
VIP Program 9.3