June 2024

Poker Sites with Pros

You've seen them on TV. The guys with millions of dollars to their name. The poker pros who look like they can read minds. When they win, they win big. And the only thing better than watching them win is beating them yourself.

We asked our expert reviewers to highlight the best real money poker sites that have associations with big-name pro players. In picking the sites to list, our experts honed in on the following criteria:

  • Sites where you're most likely to find pro players
  • Sites that host qualifying events for major land-based tournaments
  • Sites partnered with the very best pro poker players

Why Players Love Working With Poker Sites

The world's best poker websites like to have endorsement deals in place with top pro players and celebrity poker enthusiasts. It's a great way of validating their poker credibility, and demonstrating that their online real money poker tables are the place to be.

Pick the right poker site and you might even find yourself playing against a pro player online (be careful!). There are also satellite tournaments where you can play online for the chance to attend land-based events at major venues. Perform well at a virtual table and you could soon be rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in poker at a glitzy casino in Vegas.

Who are Poker's Top Pro Players?

Sweden's Martin Jacobson is the reigning World Series of Poker (WSOP) champion, having taken home the grand prize of $10 million in the 2014 event.

Daniel Negreanu is another big name in the pro world. He's won six WSOP bracelets and earned the nickname "Kid Vegas" along the way. Negreanu represents PokerStars online, which is included in our list of poker websites above. Get online at the right time and you never know – you might even catch a glimpse of him at the site.

If we go by Bluff Magazine's poker rankings, Mike Leah is leading the pile at the time of writing, with over $4.5 million prize money, 125 career cashes and 12 career wins. Big poker sites like Betfair often sponsor pro poker players and benefit from their association. A good example would be Betfair's relationship with Sorel Mizzi, who has reached the WSOP final table on three occasions.

Pro Players FAQ

Can I play with pro players online?

Yes you can. And if you're playing poker online regularly, you almost certainly already have. Some of the biggest names in poker will use special monikers online, so you need to be sure you recognize those if you're sat at a virtual table and feeling a little too confident about things.

Why do poker websites partner with pros?

Poker websites, like all business entities, benefit from association with the most admirable types in their industry. When it comes to real money poker, there's no higher aspiration for fans of the game than turning pro and making a living at the tables. Getting pros to help represent their brand helps poker websites demonstrate their credibility and sell the dream of big wins.

Is it safe to play online poker for real money?

Just stick to the poker sites we've listed and you'll be 100% safe and secure online. These sites all have the very latest in software security and can be trusted to deliver the fairest, most transparent poker experience online.

Can I really qualify for land-based poker tournaments online?

You really can. There are online satellite tournaments throughout the year that offer spots in major land-based poker events. It seems far-fetched, but you really can go from your living room to a casino floor in London if you play your cards right.

How much money do pro players make?

It varies wildly from player to player, and from year to year, but the very top players in poker can potentially break $10 million in annual earnings if they have a good 12 months at the table.

If you think that's crazy, consider the speculation that many of these players also bring in huge sums from playing online – perhaps even doubling their annual income from tournaments, or beating it.

One poker website has Negreanu's career earnings at just shy of $30 million.  That's not a bad haul for playing real money poker.

Is online real money poker legal?

That depends entirely on where you're based. Three states in the U.S. have fully legalized online poker already, with more set to follow. As for the others, it's a case of consulting local legislation before you make a decision of whether to proceed.

What level of customer service should I expect playing online poker?

The sites we've highlighted all provide first-class customer service, with staff available around the clock and everything in place to ensure your experience is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Customer service is a vital component of a good real money poker site, and one that should be a major consideration when you make your choice.