July 2024

Best Razz Poker Sites

Razz poker is a card game that is based on Stud but rather than drawing to a high hand, you’re trying to get the worst low hand. Since Razz is not quite as big of a “blip” on the radar as Hold’em and Omaha, it’s sometimes a challenge to find this card game being spread at some poker sites. Using our knowledge of the online poker market, we’ve went and ranked the top Razz poker websites for your convenience. Take a look at the list below to find a great card room to enjoy Razz!

Razz offers two ways to win, which makes it a very desirable game for new players. If you have limited “down time” to play poker, playing Razz poker online makes a lot of sense. Because it is more like “traditional” stud poker, it is more laid back and easier to learn than the more complicated Hold’em poker, but offers plenty of chance to win money. Pick one of the best Razz poker rooms below to get started and experience the thrill of poker without stress and having to learn complicated rules.

Razz Poker

Here are two tips to remember when playing Razz:

  • Pairs in Razz greatly reduce your odds of winning a hand. Remember you’re trying to get the best 5 card low hand, not a full house.
  • Drawing after being dealt three high cards is almost never a good idea, you essentially have to go runner, runner, runner in a best case scenario to have any chance of winning the hand.

The online Razz poker sites above are selected by our experienced team of researchers who scour the web continuously to seek out the very best in online gaming sites for you. You could waste your valuable free time doing this yourself, but you will have to weed through thousands of existing poker sites, and continuously review the hundreds of new entrées that show up every year. It’s much easier to check out the best Razz poker websites that are offered here on our pages.

There’s a lot that goes into our selection process to find the best Razz poker sites. We check each site for ease of access to start with, and our researchers join each gaming site to make sure the process is simple and easy to accomplish. Then they actually download the software and make sure it works without bugs, and won’t compromise your system in any way. We make sure the software is compatible for a wide range of systems, and only list the very best on our pages. Along with ease of use and software accessibility, we also look for the graphics qualities, fluidity of the games, payout and odds as well as making sure the online Razz poker sites we list have the best reputations and excellent customer service. Customer service in a gaming site is extremely important. You want to know that if you run into any snags, they will be ready and most of all, able to help you work them out quickly so you can get down to business and have fun. Our team also looks for the best sign up bonuses so you can get the most for your money when you play. Choose from any, or all of the above Razz poker gaming sites and play to win.


Ready to play RAZZ? We recommend reading our FAQs first. They'll give you a one-up on the other players competing for prize pool money and bragging rights.

How popular is RAZZ?

RAZZ is definitely not as popular as Texas Hold'em, but it's fast becoming the go-to game for real money poker players who want a change of pace. A lot of web poker sites that traditionally offered just a few variations of online poker have started to add RAZZ to their lineup of cash tables. We're not suggesting RAZZ is overtaking Texas Hold'em gambling, but there is healthy traffic at online poker RAZZ sites.

Can I find online tournaments for RAZZ?

You're better off at the cash tables. There are some RAZZ tournaments on the schedules of the top online poker sites, but at most sites the RAZZ schedule is hit and miss. We've seen a lot of sites with low RAZZ turnouts for weekday tournaments. The weekend RAZZ poker room tournaments tend to do much better. If you plan on playing on a weekday, we recommend sticking to the Sit 'n Go tournaments. Instead of running on a schedule, they start whenever a table fills up.

Will I find weak players when playing RAZZ?

Absolutely. Remember, the goal in RAZZ is to get the lowest possible 5-card hand using the seven cards you're dealt. A lot of players approach RAZZ poker rooms thinking that they're automatically great at the game. After all, if you constantly get losing hands in Texas Hold'em, how hard could it possibly be to get a low hand in RAZZ? Actually, it's pretty difficult, which is why way too many first-time RAZZ players end up losing their shirts. If you know what you're doing, you can be the one to rip the shirts off their backs.

What stake levels are available for RAZZ?

RAZZ poker rooms tend to offer games at lower stake levels - usually $0.01/$0.02, $0.05/$0.10, $0.25/$0.50, and $1/$2. We've seen some of the great Internet RAZZ websites offer tables with stake levels as high as $50/$100, but those aren't the norm. However, if you consider yourself to be a high stakes RAZZ online poker player, you've definitely got options.

Can I get a bonus playing RAZZ?

Let's clear up one of the biggest misconceptions in online poker. Bonuses are not restricted to just one game. That's just a myth. We're not sure where it started, but it ends here. Poker players who prefer real money RAZZ poker sites can take advantage of the same bonus offered to Hold'em players. At most of the top RAZZ web poker rooms, the same earning conditions and rollover requirements apply - no matter what game you choose to play.

Can I play RAZZ for free?

For sure. The big online poker RAZZ websites have recognized that RAZZ isn't the easiest game to master, so they've opened up free tables to players who want to learn. The best RAZZ poker sites let you use the same software that you access the real money tables with to access to play money tables. To play at a free RAZZ poker website, you need to create an account first.

Can I play RAZZ on a mobile or tablet?

There are some online poker sites that offer a version of their games for smartphones and tablets, but the experience is usually not as great as what's offered on a Mac or PC. Touch-friendly online poker is still in its infancy, and not every site has mastered it. Some of the best online poker sites don't offer tablet or smartphone versions of their software. The ones that do don't necessarily optimize it for every model. Before you play, we recommend you compare the Mac and PC version to the tablet version if it's offered. The RAZZ poker online tablet experience isn't always what you'd expect, but it might work perfectly for you.