June 2024

Best HORSE Poker Sites

Fans of online HORSE poker love the fact it's a multi-disciplined format that tests every element of your poker expertise. Before you choose a real money poker site to play at online, however, we'd strongly recommend you reference our recommendation below. The site we've highlighted here was graded on the following criteria.

  • Welcome bonuses and special promotions available
  • Best selection of tournaments
  • Best gaming experience and mobile functionality

HORSE is among the fastest growing poker variants in the game today, helped by the huge visibility boost achieved through TV coverage and inclusion in the World Series of Poker. The letters in H.O.R.S.E stand for Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Stud and Eight-or-better. These games are played in rotation in HORSE poker.

Playing HORSE Poker Online

HORSE poker is not as widely available online as standalone poker variants such as Texas Hold'Em. This is primarily because it's more complicated to offer for a real money poker site, with its format of five poker variants used in rotation.

The poker sites that do offer HORSE will typically be those who cater to a huge player pool, and have the requisite software capability to make it a great user experience for tournaments.

Why HORSE is the Ultimate Test of Poker Skill

A lot of the appeal in HORSE is that it requires a breadth of poker knowledge across the five variants played - Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Stud and Eight-or-better. To be a strong HORSE you must fully understand every discipline, and have the speed of thought to adapt quickly as the games rotate. To that end it's the ultimate test of your poker chops.

Bonuses at HORSE Sites

Welcome bonuses are a big consideration when choosing the real cash online poker site you play HORSE at.  We've highlighted a site that offers a great welcome bonus to HORSE players and has great incentives in place to keep you playing.

History of HORSE Poker

HORSE poker has been a staple for many years, but its inclusion in the 2002 World Series of Poker prompted an explosion in popularity all over the world.  HORSE fans love the fact it highlights a true all-round mastery of poker.

Many would argue the player who wins the year's biggest HORSE tournament should be classed as the best poker player on the planet.

HORSE Poker Sites FAQ

How popular is HORSE?

HORSE has gained a strong foothold in the poker world and is expected to continue its growth in the coming years. Televised tournaments, along with the availability of HORSE at popular online real money poker sites, have helped push this multi-discipline poker pentathlon to a greater number of people than ever before.

Can I find online tournaments?

Yes you can. Online HORSE tournaments are readily available around the clock and there are some big prizes to be won if you seek out the best ones.

Will I find it easy to win?

By its very nature, you'd think HORSE would appeal most to the accomplished poker player. That being said, you're always going to find players who are trying it for the first time, and also those who might have a mastery of one discipline, but none of the others. Moreover, there are always those who think they're more skilled than they really are.

When it comes to online HORSE, there are easy wins to be had if you pick the right tables and the right tournaments.

What stake levels are available for HORSE?

Typically stake levels for HORSE would vary from $0.01 to $200. We would recommend the more inexperienced players to start off at the lower level and work their way up.

Can I get a bonus?

Yes you can. Bonuses are widely available, so it's vital you research real money poker sites carefully to land on the one with the most lucrative HORSE offer in place.

Can I play for free?

Yes. Most poker sites have their games available for free play as well as real cash play. Playing HORSE for free is great way for beginners to learn the format, though you'll quickly want to advance to real money play to experience the true rush of HORSE poker.

Can I play on mobile or tablet?

Absolutely you can. Many of the top online poker sites have designated free apps available these days, and those you don't will nearly always have mobile functionality rolled into their offering. HORSE poker on mobile and tablet should be very easy to access, and it provides the opportunity to play for money wherever you've got an Internet signal.