June 2018

Best WSOP Qualifier Poker Sites

WSOP 2018 Qualifiers at Online Poker Sites - The growing popularity of online poker is partly because of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Everybody can now watch the finals live on TV, which makes it that more interesting. It is no wonder that WSOP qualifier / satellite sites are so popular:

  • More poker sites are starting to offer more satellites to the WSOP 2018.
  • There is no better way to get there than to pay just a few dollars, versus paying ten thousand.
  • With such a low entry level budget, it's purely about skill.
  • Everyone can join in, so regardless of your budget, you have a shot at qualifying, and who knows, you might make it to the final and win the pot!.

We have reviewed the top online poker sites that enable you to do just that, so sign up today and maybe you could walk away with not only a bracelet, but a serious cash injection as well.

2018 WSOP Satellites Poker Sites

It really does not matter which of the above poker sites you choose to get into a WSOP qualifier. They all offer basically the same things. The best bet is to pick a poker site that is going to fit your needs for WSOP Satellites 2018. By referring to the reviews you will be able to get more information on each individual poker site. From there you will find what the best WSOP 2018 qualifiers site is. WSOPE Qualifiers and WSOP 2018 satellites are also available at many different sites.

It may surprise you to know that it really doesn't cost much to get started in serious competition poker. The buy-ins are often quite low. Antes as low as a few dollars, pounds or euros can get you started playing high-stakes poker, and allow you to build your way up the ladder to games that will earn you a spot in the World Series of Poker games. Any of the best WSOP qualifier poker sites above have easy entry into this exciting world. Each of the entry-level games starting at a few pounds, dollars or euros builds into a grand jackpot at the end of a certain period of time, usually a week. Ultimately these games also lead to qualifying to play in the main event in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The WSOP began in 1970 as an invitational when Benny Binion brought in six of the very best players in the world to play with him. The online poker WSOP qualifiers now take the place of that invitational, by selecting players based on winning records in the games.

Even if you just play poker online during your work breaks, free time and off days, you can build on your talents and gain a reputation for professional level poker. It is the ultimate challenge in poker, and even being qualified for the WSOP is a great thrill. Don't wait until you think you are as good as the pros. You're going to play anyway, it may as well be at the tables that can earn you huge jackpots like at those WSOP 2018 qualifiers at online poker sites above. You can compete each year and use the skills you've accumulated to get further and further up the line, until one day you may find yourself in Las Vegas, Nevada, playing in the biggest poker challenge in the world. Get started today by finding the above online poker WSOP qualifiers that suit you best, and have fun, play hard, learn and get the chance to become a top name in poker, both online and off. We've checked out all of these sites for you, so that you can be sure they are the very best that the online poker community has to offer, so play today. You may also be interested in some data we've generated, including this study into whether sunglasses and other facial obstructions affect success in the tournament.

WSOP Qualifier FAQ

What are WSOP Qualifiers?

WSOP Qualifiers (sometimes called satellite tournaments) are online poker tournaments where the winners automatically qualify to play in the actual World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. This is actually how 2003 WSOP Main Event Champion Chris Moneymaker qualified as well 2004 Champion Greg Raymer.

On this page we have listed some of the best online poker sites to find these satellite qualifiers. There are also satellite tournaments out there that will qualify you for other WSOP events such as WSOP Europe or WSOP Asia-Pacific.

Who is eligible to take part?

While there may some additional stipulations, for the most part participation is open to anyone that meets the normal criteria of the online gambling site hosting the WSOP qualifier. So, in the U.S. (in only Vegas or New Jersey, of course) that would just mean being over the age of 21.

Just be sure to read the fine print however, as your country of residence could also have an effect on your eligibility depending on which tournament the qualifier is for. In other words, if you are an American trying to play in a WSOP Europe satellite tournament, you might not be permitted to do so.

Are satellites and qualifiers different?

Nope! As you hunt around for the best way to gain entry into the WSOP, you'll see both of these words used interchangeably. A satellite is essentially just a smaller tournament that allows players to qualify for a bigger one. In this case, these small WSOP qualifier satellites allow you to qualify for the WSOP Main Event.

Is there a deadline for entry?

Yes! The WSOP is no different than any other tournament, in that it has a set start and end date. Because of this, registration through normal means or by way of winning a qualifying satellite tournament ends two weeks prior to the start of the Main Event. Any online poker tournament that is a WSOP satellite will be completed before or around this time frame.

How much do I need to play with?

The entry fee can vary by site, but usually the tournament buy-ins are relatively cheap. Just know that some satellite qualifiers require you to play through a system of tiers (e.g., you'll start at Tier I and if you do well then you'll play in a Tier II satellite, all the way up until you qualify). In these instances your buy-in will raise slightly with each tier. Compared to other tournaments you'll find on online poker sites, the antes are relatively low as well.

Can I benefit from using a bonus?

Any site we recommend is going to offer free money in the way of great sign up bonuses. These bonuses can then be used toward your WSOP satellite qualifier buy-in, making it an even cheaper process to possibly end up in Vegas raking in a large amount of money.

How difficult is it to qualify for the WSOP?

Well, the "easiest" way to qualify is to just pay the $10,000 entry fee. However, this is unrealistic for most people and why satellite tournaments are so great. Qualifiers allow those with a tighter budget to get the maybe-once in a lifetime experience of playing poker surrounded by the best in the game at the Rio in Vegas.

Obviously the competition to qualify is going to be fierce, but even if you fall short of qualifying, the practice you'll get from playing in such a heated competition will no doubt have a huge benefit in the long run. The improvement in your poker game could of course lead to more tournament winnings down the line, to the point where maybe you could just buy into the main event someday!

How many players go through?

Overall, 6,500+ players contend for the gold bracelet at the World Series of Poker Main Event. The number of qualifying spots for online players varies from year to year, but the WSOP folks make it fairly easy for online poker sites to host their own auto-qualifier satellite tournaments. There are tons out there, and on this page we have listed some of the best WSOP satellite sites that will allow you to make a run toward having a seat in Vegas.