May 2024

Loosest Online Poker Sites

Online poker is always fun, however playing on tables where everyone is extremely protective of their chips isn't always the most enjoyable experience. Not only is the pace slow, building a solid bankroll can be a long and cumbersome process when no one calls your raises and everyone just checks. Thankfully, if you know where to look there are plenty of tables out there where the action is fast, loose, and there are plenty of fish that you can hook into big pots.

At, we have done you the service of compiling the best online poker sites that offer:

  • Fast and loose play
  • Multi-level loyalty programs
  • A wide variety of game types
  • Strong traffic throughout the day (and night)

Loose poker sites also provide perfect opportunities for new players to learn game strategy while still participating in games that are fast and exciting. A big positive is that it's easiest to find these types of games on tables that are smaller stakes. This means even if a given strategy didn't work and you lose, you didn't break your bank. As your confidence and skills increase, you can go on to play at loose high-stakes tables, and even become the player that helps dictate whether play is loose or tight.

Softest Poker Sites

There are some loose poker sites that attract these bad players. And that is what you want: weak competition. Why? Because easy competition makes for bigger profits and we're helping you out by listing these great sites for you right here. We took a look at the reasons these weak players wind up at the softest poker sites. What did we find? That the loosest poker sites online often have players that come from the Sportsbook or a casino section of a site and wind up at the online poker games. These bad poker players offer soft competition and are the ones that you want to take down, especially on a Sunday night after they've collected their wins from sports bets. Learn to play at the softest poker sites online and you will find it much easier to win. The competition is easy with these loose players and the softest poker site will always be the most profitable. Also see the Poker Sites with the Most Fish toplist guide.

All of the above loosest poker sites are inspected by our team of experts to make sure they are safe and secure. You still have to join the site and download their software, so we want to ensure that your identity is protected, and the software will work well with most systems. We also want to make certain that the software won't harm your computer in anyway, so you are free to select these sites and determine which one is more to your liking based on more game oriented goals such as game varieties, bonuses and visuals. We have already checked each site to make sure that these softest poker sites have the best graphics and payouts as well as bonuses of any online. Bonuses are important because they let you play longer and win more for your initial deposits. You can even play at more than one of the above sites to increase your sign on bonuses. We are constantly on the lookout for new games sites coming on each year, so it is a good idea to always check back and see what new offerings we have to expand your poker site repertoire. Get started today and find out why these sites offer the best advantages around for your chances of winning big money, and the most fun for your free time. We've taken all the work out of the equation and left all the fun for you.


Even though there are many loose games and fish out there, that doesn't mean they are always easy to find. And once you do figure out how to find them, it's not always as simple as showing up and collecting your winnings. A certain level of strategy is still involved to quell the luck that beginner card players sometimes have.

What are loose poker games?

Loose poker games are ones where players participate in a higher number of hands on average (as opposed to fewer hands on a 'tight' table). Because of this, bluffing isn't as useful a strategy because players aren't protecting their chips as much. The standards for continuing with certain hands are also going to drop because those playing loose will be holding lower-value hands themselves. Accordingly, drawing to incomplete hands is now more useful, as draws will have better odds and it will take more than just a weak hand (like a one-pair) to win.

What do players mean by "fish"?

Fish are players that for whatever reason do not play poker well, thus making it easier for you to take their money. While there are many different ways that fish play, they typically stick to one style, play in a large amount of hands, and are bad at bluffing. A common tell of these types of players are ones that seem to play over aggressively hand after hand. Be wary though that not all loose players are fish.

Why do some sites have looser games than others?

There are many factors at play, but we often see that sites have looser games if they have a sportsbook or online casino attached to their poker site. This typically brings in a lot of novice players that are feeling a high from winning at other games and want to keep their good fortunes rolling, or that just want to try something new. Sites tied to big-name televised tournaments also bring in a lot of green players due to new viewers seeing high-level games for the first time and wondering how hard it could be.

Also note that playing loose is also a strategy that experienced players will use to bully around more passive players by raising before the flop and re-raising throughout.

Will you find loose games at all stake levels?

It's certainly possible, however loose play at high-stakes tables will more commonly be part of a purposeful "loose aggressive" (or LAG) strategy. Conversely, the loose play seen at low and micro-stakes tables is typically just due to players' inexperience and wanting to participate in as many hands as possible. Even if you are confident LAG player, it can be difficult to build big pots if your opponents are more passive players.

How can you tell if a game is loose?

The lobby statistics can give some good clues, as loose tables typically have between 40-60% of players per flop, and the average pot size will be much larger. It's always a safe assumption that if you are on a microstakes table (0.25/0.50 and lower), the play is going to be fast and loose more often than not. Once you are at the table, look for players going all in with every variety of made hand and draw imaginable, even before the flop.

Am I guaranteed to win in a loose game?

There are of course no guarantees in online poker, but with the right gameplan you can shift the odds in your favor and make playing at loose tables a profitable experience. If the table is loose but passive (meaning large pre-flop raises aren't being called often), then you should be wary when you are actually called. Because it's more unlikely to be re-raised before the flop, you can get by with more simple hands like small pairs and suited connectors.

Conversely, those simple hands should be folded early at loose aggressive tables, unless you are the last person to call ahead of the flop. When you have those better hands it should be your goal to try and get as much into the pot as possible pre-flop, even if it means going through three or four rounds of raises. Once the flop is out, the more you bet high with made hands, the more you will start to scare away those passive loose players that tend to call with only draws. Also, noticing that those same players bet out only when their draw is made means you'll get lots of opportunity for "free cards" where you can try and make your own draws.