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Ignition Poker Review

Unlike residents of many foreign countries, who can choose from many reputable poker sites, the options for U.S. players are much more limited. Only three states (New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware) offer legal state-run online poker rooms, which leaves countless numbers of American players in a quandary about where to take their action.

For the past five years, one of the best options was Bovada Poker, but now that popular poker site has closed. Poker players are an impatient lot, so we know that being without a place to play for any length of time can be frustrating. If you have been sitting on the sidelines due to uncertainty about where to play, it’s time to get the ignition restarted. This Ignition Poker Site Review will tell you all about the brand new online poker room that recently acquired Bovada Poker and has since replaced it. If you are a recreational poker player seeking a safe online environment where you can have fun and make money at the same time, Ignition Poker could be the answer.

Why Ignition Poker is a Good Choice

Many poker players like casino games, too. If you are one of them, we have great news for you. Ignition Poker is part of Ignition Casino, so you can switch back and forth between poker and the casino as often as you like on the same site. Like Bovada Poker previously, Ignition Casino uses a single wallet system, so with one account, you are free to play whatever type of game you want without having to log in again. You can even use your accumulated Poker Points to get casino bonus dollars.

If you used to play poker at Bovada and passed on the special offer to transfer to Ignition Poker by September 30, don’t worry. You can still sign up as a new player at Ignition Casino and receive a generous Welcome Bonus. But the bonus isn’t the only reason why joining Ignition Casino (and Ignition Poker) is a good idea. Ignition Poker is a rebranding of Bovada Poker, with the same exact platform, software, and layout. In fact, early reports suggest that the two poker sites are virtually identical. Of course, there may be some small ways that Ignition Poker is not completely identical to Bovada, but the tremendous similarity should make former Bovada players feel very comfortable in their new surroundings.

Don’t Let the Newness of the Site Deter You

As part of this comprehensive, unbiased Review of Ignition Poker, our experts at do need to caution you, however, that the entire site, not just the poker room is new, which means the jury is still out on its overall quality. The casino was launched in March, 2016 and the acquisition of Bovada Poker which made the addition of the poker room possible wasn’t announced until August, 2016. Usually we are reluctant to recommend a site with so little online experience, in this case not even a year, but based on the strong ties to Bovada Poker, we feel we can make an exception. We stand behind our statement that Ignition Poker is worthy of your consideration.

Ignition Casino has the same parent company, Betting Partners, as Bovada, Bodog, and, all of which are reputable gambling sites known to be responsible operators that treat their customers fairly. Bovada Poker, the site which Ignition Poker was patterned after, has not been online a long time either (only since 2011), but was introduced as an alternative to Bodog for American players when they could no longer legally access the Bodog site. Because of its direct association with the long running (since 1995) and highly respected Bodog Poker, Bovada Poker’s own credibility was enhanced from day 1, but then, over time, Bovada started receiving rave reviews on its own merits. Now Ignition Poker is the new kid on the block riding on Bovada’s coattails, but we think history will repeat itself and Bovada Poker’s replacement will prove as worthy as its predecessor.

By the way, Bovada is not going out of business. Even though you can no longer play poker there, casino games, sports betting, and horseracing are still being offered

Unfortunately, residents of New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Nevada who are not already existing Bovada players won’t be able to take advantage of these options and they won’t be able to play at Ignition Casino (including Ignition Poker) either.


Ignition Poker uses the same proprietary software as Bovada and Bodog Poker. The casino games, on the other hand, are from two different providers, RealTime Gaming (RTG) and Rival.

If you are using your computer to play, in order to have access to the full poker experience, including tournaments, and take advantage of certain advanced features like multi-tabling, you will need to download the software. The website will detect whether your computer is a Windows PC or Mac and direct you to the appropriate installation page. As long as your computer meets the minimum system requirements (which it should if you purchased it within the last five years), installation is a quick and easy process and you should not have any problems. For starters, Windows users will need Windows 7 or later, 1G or greater memory, and 200 MB or greater free disk space. See the website for the other requirements.

If you prefer instant play, you can save yourself the bother of downloading and get the added convenience of being able to access the games on any browser rather than being tied to your own desktop or laptop. However, you lose the ability to play in tournaments. You can still play cash games and Zone Poker (Ignition Poker’s fast-fold poker game).

Your third option is mobile play. This is a great alternative for anyone who is on the go a lot, especially if no computer is available. However, once again, you won’t be able to multi-table or play in tournaments. See the separate Mobile Play section of this Ignition Poker Review for more information about the Ignition Poker mobile platform.

User Friendly, Even for Beginners

Ignition Poker is a very user-friendly site. When you visit the lobby, you will see four big tabs, each describing a different type of poker game: Cash Games, Zone Poker, Sit and Gos, and Scheduled Tournaments. If you click on Cash Games, you will then be asked to specify your buy-in (micro, low, medium, or high) and whether you want fixed limit, pot limit, or no limit. If you click on tournaments, you will also be asked to narrow down your choice. Then the screen will show the buy-in and status (i.e., registering, taking late registration, or running) of the tournament(s) that fit your criteria. As soon as you complete your selection, you will be directed to an open seat.

Ignition Poker Software Special Features

Unlike most poker sites, but like Bovada Poker, Ignition Poker uses Anonymous Tables. If you have played poker online elsewhere, you probably used a screen name, but Ignition Poker players are simply given a seat number and every time you change tables or start a new session, that number changes. The reason for this practice is to make it difficult or impossible for skilled players to track you and follow you around. For the same reason, third party tracking devices are also not allowed and multi-tabling on cash games is limited to just four tables.

While note taking is allowed at the table you are at, the information disappears afterwards and would be useless anyway because there is no way to know one’s opponents ahead of time. This so called “Recreational Poker Model” works fine for casual players since it keeps away the grinders and sharks who would otherwise prey on them. Of course, all the people who try to make a living doing exactly that hate Anonymous Tables.

Mobile Play

Nowadays, given today’s busy lifestyle, it is almost mandatory for online poker rooms to offer the option to access their games not just on a PC, but also on mobile devices. At one time, the best that mobile players could hope for was that the site’s mobile app would be compatible with their phone or tablet and, if so, locate the app and follow the often less than clear instructions for downloading it. Typically, the apps would be device specific, one designed for Apple iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and another designed for Android devices.

Many online casinos and poker rooms still run their mobile platforms in this manner. However, recent advances in mobile technology have led to the development of a more efficient application, HTML5, which dispenses with the need for downloading and instead allows anyone to access the games instantly from almost any web browser supported device. The Ignition Poker app has this capability, so regardless of what type of mobile device you have: iPhone (4 or higher), iPad, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry, all you have to do is visit from your device’s browser. Then, log in to your account and you are good to go!

Or, if you are brand new to Ignition Casino, you can register and make your first deposit on your mobile device and collect your Welcome Bonus, just like on the computer. If you run into any difficulties, either the mobile help section or Customer Support should be a good resource.

Unfortunately, the Ignition Poker mobile platform is not currently set up to allow tournament play, so you will be limited to regular cash games and Zone Poker. In addition, you can only play one game at a time. The good news is that as a real money mobile player, you earn Poker Points and can make deposits and withdrawals, just like you would online. Alternatively, if you wish, you can test the waters with play money.(It is not clear whether the play money option is also available when using the computer.) Lastly and most importantly, Ignition Poker uses the most advanced digital encryption technology available to ensure that playing your favorite cash games for real money on your smartphone or tablet is completely safe.

Welcome Bonus

Not only the overwhelming majority of online casinos, but many poker sites, too, offer new players signing up for the first time the special incentive of a Welcome Bonus. But Ignition Casino goes above and beyond most sites by offering both a casino bonus and a poker bonus simultaneously. Here is how this two-part 100% up to $1,100 First Deposit Welcome Bonus works.

Make an initial deposit up to $1,100. You will then receive the following:

Casino Bonus: 100% bonus up to $1,000

Poker Bonus: 100% bonus up to $100

If you deposit less than the $1,100 maximum, no problem. For example, if you deposit a total of $300, $200 of your Welcome Bonus money will be in the form of a Casino Bonus and the remaining $100 will be for Poker. It is not clear what happens if you deposit $100 or less. If you are a small player, that is probably what you should do, but be sure to ask whether all of your bonus can be used for poker or, if not, what part of it, must be used in the casino.

Ignition Casino is a full service casino, so you will find no shortage of games with which to clear your bonus (and, if you wish, continue playing in addition to poker later). Choose from slots, video poker, and a wide range of table and parlor games. But before you can withdraw your deposit, bonus, and winnings, you will need to satisfy the hefty (but not unreasonable) playthrough requirement of 25x the bonus + deposit. Since only slots and parlor games count 100% and all other games count only 60% or not at all, we recommend that you stick to slots. That should be no problem at all since Ignition Casino has more than 200 of them!

Some of you may be disappointed that the poker portion of the bonus is capped at only $100, especially since there are other poker sites with more generous offers. But the flip side is that the bigger the bonus, the more of your own money you have to spend and the longer it will take to clear it. Ignition Poker, like many other poker sites, releases the bonus in increments, contingent on playing and earning a specified number of Poker Points, rather than giving it to the player all at once. (Details are on the website.) You have 30 days to clear the bonus in its entirety.

Special Bonuses

Royal Flush

Any Texas Hold ‘Em cash game player who gets a Royal Flush wins an extra bonus of 50x the big blind, up to $200.

Bad Beat

To hit the Bad Beat, your losing hold ‘em cash game hand must be Aces Full of Kings or better and the winning hand Four of a Kind or better. In addition, at least three players must have contributed to the pot and the two hands question must use both pocket cards and go to showdown. Satisfy all those conditions and here’s what you win: 100x the big blind, up to a maximum of $1,000.

Tournament Tickets and Casino Bonuses

Every time you play, you earn Poker Points. Provided you have accumulated enough of them, you can convert them any time (prior to June 1 when they expire) to tournament tickets or casino bonuses. Unfortunately, the tiered loyalty rewards program for casino play called Ignition Rewards does not apply to poker

Tell a Friend

Refer as many friends as you like and receive 200% of each friend’s first deposit up to $100. However, before you can withdraw the bonus or any associated winnings, you will need to meet the specified wagering requirements, which you can do either playing poker or casino games. See the website for details.

Banking Methods

Banking is an area where, frankly, Ignition Poker players deserve better, but for now, these are your options.


  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Rapid Transfer
  • Bitcoin

Starting 10/1/16, a fee is incurred on all deposits except Bitcoin.


  • Check by Courier ( Minimum: $100 Maximum: $3,000)
  • Bitcoin (Minimum: $20 Maximum: $3,000)

Bitcoin transactions are processed every three days. Checks take 5-10 business days. See the website for helpful tips on how to set up a Bitcoin account if you don’t already have one.

As mentioned, you can do your banking either online or on your mobile device. Either way, all of your transactions are completely secure.


Present traffic is reported to be around 1,000-3,000 players at a time. Considering that this is a brand new site, these figures aren’t bad. The migration of many former Bovada Poker players to Ignition Poker has no doubt given this site a big boost. Expect more growth in traffic as more players learn about this site, especially if it lives up to its expectations and continues to receive favorable reviews.

Poker Formats

Cash Games

Don’t expect to find every variation of poker under the sun on this site. But if you are a casual recreational player, you will probably be perfectly content choosing from the cash games that Ignition Poker does offer: fixed limit, pot limit, and no limit hold ‘em and Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo. Hold ‘Em is by far the most popular game, and even in the off hours, finding a seat should be no problem. Take your pick from heads-up, 6-max, and 9-max tables. Stakes range from 2 cents/5 cents to $10/$20.

Or, if you want a game with even more of an adrenaline rush, try the fast-fold poker game called Zone Poker. Playing for micro stakes (2 cents/5 cents up to a maximum of 50 cents/$1) might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But the combination of having only 15 seconds to act and having to change tables every time you fold makes for a very fast paced and exciting game.


It’s too bad that the only way to take advantage of the packed tournament schedule on this poker site is to download the software on your computer, but if you do, you won’t be disappointed. Ignition Poker has enough sit and gos and scheduled guaranteed tournaments running daily to suit any player’s tastes and bankroll. Spend as little as $1.10 or as much as $215. There are also plenty of variations to choose from, like turbo, rebuy, and bounty tournaments, just to name a few. But if you want a shot at some really big money ($20K or more for first place), we recommend the Sunday 4 p.m. $100K Guaranteed Tournament. If you can’t afford the $162 entrance fee, you can try the satellite qualifier route.

Then, for those of you for whom no amount of tournament action is too much, you better get some rest while you can because Mad Monday is just ahead. From 1:18 p.m. to 11:18 p.m., a new tournament gets underway every hour!

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A Site You Can Trust

Given the newness of this online poker room, it is understandable if you might have some reservations about giving Ignition Casino and Ignition Poker a try. However, we can assure you that the site is trustworthy. For starters, it is fully licensed, regulated, and certified by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission This organization, located in the Mowhawk Territory of Kahnawake just outside of Montreal, Canada, also licenses and regulates Bovada and many other well-run online gambling sites and has an excellent reputation. Furthermore, much like Bovada Poker was launched as a rebranding of Bodog Poker, Ignition Poker is a rebranding of Bovada Poker, with the same parent company, software, policies, and games. Based on the favorable feedback early on, there is every reason to believe that Ignition Poker will live up to the quality of its predecessor.

Ignition Casino, including Ignition Poker, takes its responsibility to maintain the security of the site and fairness of its games very seriously. Through the use of advanced state-of-the-art encryption technology, all financial transactions are fully protected for online and mobile players alike. In addition, the implementation of a “Recreational Poker Model,” including Anonymous Tables, is evidence of this poker site’s dedicated commitment to making sure all players, including beginners, have a fair chance to win

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  • U.S. players are welcome! This site is specifically for American players.
  • Licensed, regulated, and certified by the highly regarded Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Rebranding of Bovada Poker with the same platform, software, and layout
  • Playable on most mobile devices as well as online
  • Wide variety of daily tournaments along with basic cash games and Zone Poker
  • Anonymous tables, allowing for soft competition and easy-to-beat games, perfect for casual recreational players
  • Single wallet system for convenient one stop gambling on both poker and casino games
  • Brand new site yet to show an established track record.
  • Small Welcome Bonus for poker (capped at $100) in contrast to a much larger bonus for casino games
  • Not enough banking options and slow withdrawals
  • Mobile players only have access to cash games, no tournaments.
  • No loyalty rewards program for poker play, only for casino play
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