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Great new site for Americans. I like the software and the action has been decent....Read More - Joe Randall

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The site is still so new it's hard to tell what it will become but so far so good. Lots of newer players so far, freerolls are good. Haven't really dealt with support. Would be nic...Read More - Jake B.

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Nice newer site. I like the action and so far no trouble with banking at all....Read More - RandyFives


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Full Flush Poker Review

Full Flush Poker is a new online poker site catering primarily to beginners and other low stakes players. If you never heard of it, that is not surprising, because the site has only been in existence since November, 2013.

Full Flush Poker is owned and managed by Equity Marketing and is part of the Equity Poker Network (EPN). The site is licensed in Curacao. The Playsafe Holdings AS software is from a Norwegian provider.

Since Full Flush Poker is so new, this reviewer can only provide first impressions, which may or may not change with time. Online poker rooms do change over time to better meet both the perceived needs of their clientele and to be more competitive in the market. Full Flush Poker claims that the site is 100% secure and the games are completely fair, and there have been no reports to the contrary. Still, especially since this is a new site, it would be helpful to see independent verification.

At the present time, Full Flush Poker is focused on trying to fill in the gap to meet the needs of inexperienced and low stakes recreational players. These people are looking for a safe, fun place to play online that won’t break the bank without having to constantly face a horde of sharks coming in for the prey.

Another advantage that Full Flush Player has going for it is that besides being open to players in many foreign countries, U.S. residents can play, too. In 2013, three states, Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, for the first time ever, were able to legally open and operate their own state-run online gambling sites for poker and other casino games. But in order to register and play there, you must be physically present in the state where the site is located, and for Delaware sites, you must actually reside in that state. All of these operations have sophisticated software in place to immediately identify you and keep you out if you try to log on from a non-allowed location. So, unfortunately, for anyone elsewhere in the U.S. trying to play online poker, your present legal options are limited to just a few other sites, one of which is Full Flush Poker.

Low-Stakes Players' Paradise

Keep in mind that this is a site for beginners and other low stakes players. If you are pro or semi-pro, unless you wish to step down to 1-2 no limit (the highest level of play offered at Full Flush Poker), you might feel like banging your laptop in frustration. You can enter tournaments that are cheaper than the cost of a movie. However, with not many more chips to start out with than you would ordinarily buy in for in a ring game, and unlimited early rebuys, play is reduced to an all-in crapshoot almost from the beginning.

On the other hand, if you are a new player or someone who hasn’t played in a while, Full Flush Poker is perfect for you. Of, if a simple online poker room to hang out in and have fun inexpensively and maybe make some money is what you are looking for, Full Flush Poker would be a great choice for you, too.

If you are a more advanced player, yes, there are weak players you could probably beat with your eyes closed, but often they will beat you because they call every flop and sometimes they get lucky. Another point to keep in mind, if you are an accomplished player trying to fine tune your skills, is that this type of poker room won’t be sufficiently challenging. Pla

yers who prefer moderate stakes and higher games and well structured tournaments can find them plus easy-to-read, easy-to-beat players at other poker sites.

Full Flush Poker accepts initial deposits from $25 minimum to $400 maximum. Deposit methods are limited to person to person transfer, and MasterCard and Visa, while withdrawal methods are limited to person to person, check or money order sent by courier, and bank wire, with applicable fees. Customer Support is available via live chat, phone, or email 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.

When navigating the Full flush game lobby you'll see a variety of games offered including:

  • Texas Hold'Em
  • Omaha (high and high-low)

Make Sure You Claim Your Welcome Bonus

Full Flush Poker offers all new players a generous Welcome Bonus. Unlike the traditional Welcome Bonus, this one is not posted to your account until after you meet the necessary play requirements. In other words, in order to qualify, you must first use your own money exclusively, but once you do satisfy the play requirement, you will receive a bonus of 150% of your initial deposit.

In addition, with all first deposits over $50, all deposits over $50, you receive 10% cash back, and with all first deposits over $125, you receive 2,200 "promo bucks." The promo bucks can be used to enter the Sunday $5K guaranteed tournament taking place every Sunday at 3 p.m. (ET). Alternatively, you can enter this tournament by buying in for $20 + $2 or qualifying in a satellite.

When you open your account, you also receive 10 copper coins, which you can use to enter the First Depositor’s $500 Freeroll Tournament. This tournament is scheduled on the last Saturday of every month at 12 noon (ET).To ensure you get your bonus enter the Full Flush bonus Code PSCOM when registering.

The bigger the amount of your opening deposit, the bigger your Welcome Bonus will be, and also the bigger the play requirement to obtain it. You are given 45 days from the time you open your account to earn 20 "Player Option Pints" (POP) for every dollar you have deposited. If you run out of money before doing so, you can reload your account to keep playing for the bonus, but the amount of your bonus won’t increase.

POPs are accumulated every time you play for real money, either in a ring game or in a tournament. In ring games, every 10 cents contributed to the rake is worth 1 POP. In tournaments, every "$1 paid in entry fees or rebuys earns 10 POPs.

Once the play requirements for the Welcome Bonus have been met, the same POP system is used for loyalty rewards. Accumulated POPs can be used either to buy in for tournaments or converted into cash in your account. There is also a "Refer a Friend" program. If your friend signs up and earns 500 or more POPs the first month, you both get $25.

The Full Flush Welcome Bonus is a very good one, especially for low stakes players who need to closely watch their bankroll. Not having access to the bonus immediately helps to keep their bets at an affordable level from the beginning. From the casino’s standpoint, there is less opportunity for players to abuse the bonus and try to use as little as possible of their own money.

Freerolls and Other Tournaments

On the other hand, the various freerolls and tournaments, while certainly affordable for everyone, are more a way to kill an hour or two than a viable opportunity to build a skilled poker player’s bankroll. First, even the freerolls are not really "free." Very small starting stacks and multiple rebuys permitted in the first hour encourage players, regardless of what cards they have, to take frequent all-in shots much earlier than in a well structured tournament. Then, during the first break, the optional $20 add-on is in reality mandatory because by then the rapidly increasing blinds will have every player desperately needing the $5,000 additional tournament chips they would otherwise not get.

The guaranteed payout tournaments like the Sunday Blowout $5K Guaranteed and the Big Deep Stack Saturday $2K Guaranteed Tournaments, are the player’s best bet, not because the structure is better, but simply because the smaller number of entrants allows for great overlays. The top 20 players are in the money in the Sunday tournament and the top 10 are in the money in the Saturday tournament. For the Saturday tournament, you have a starting stack of 5,000 chips (still hardly deep compared to many other tournaments) and a cost of just $10 + $1 (or 1,100 promo bucks, or qualifying by satellite) to enter. Later you can pay $10 + $1 more and get 10,000 additional chips. Another reason to play in the guaranteed tournaments is a special promotional opportunity to collect a $100 bounty if you knock out a notorious player the casino calls "The Outlaw."

Any players wanting more tournament action will readily find it, maybe not 24/7, but certainly 7 days a week. The buy-ins for these daily tournaments range from 50 + 5 cents to $5 + 50 cents. There are no sit and gos, but these tournaments don’t last much longer. No late entries are permitted.

Cash Games at Full Flush

Regular cash game options are limited to No Limit and Pot Limit Hold’em and Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo. There are no high stakes games.

Full Flush Poker allows you to check your own hand stats as well as take notes on other players, both of which will help your game. You can also play up to 4 tables simultaneously. Don’t expect to find a lot of traffic on this site. More often than not, the games you will be playing in will be shorthanded.

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  TEST DRIVE Full Flush Poker

Watch this short video for the best "hits" of Full Flush Poker:

Hits & Misses
  • U.S. players accepted!
  • Fast cashout times of 24-48 hours!
  • Very soft competition, plenty of easy-to-beat games with weak players
  • Great site for low stakes recreational players and newcomers to the game
  • Play for free option to test the waters
  • Up to 4 tables playable simultaneously
  • No info reported on website re: independent verification of fairness and security of site
  • Limited banking options and hefty fees for withdrawals
  • No withdrawal requests taken on weekends
2 Days
Payments & Withdrawals

(All legitimate, real-money poker sites like Full Flush Poker have strict anti-fraud screens, and that creates a short withdrawal delay.)

Full Flush Poker Bonus
Full Flush Poker Bonus Code:
EXCLUSIVE 150% up to $1200 + 10% Instant Cashback ?
Make your first deposit and Full Flush Poker will match it up 150% up to $1200, so deposit $100 and they'll give you $150 extra. You'll also receive 10% instant cash back! Your bonus is released as you play and earn Player Option Points over the next 45 days. Your bonus clears $1 for every 20 points earned; to release $10 you need to earn 200 points.
Unlike other review sites, PokerSites displays real money players traffic only. So no numbers are inflated. This is updated on an hourly basis.
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Freerolls 7
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Ring/Cash Games 7
Traffic 7
Bonus 9
Software & Graphics 8
VIP Program 7
Support 8