May 2024

Best Poker Websites for VIP Programs

If you're a hardcore poker site grinder, you could end up earning a spot in the card room's VIP program. That means extra incentives and surprises just for playing. But not all loyalty programs are created equal.

To help you pick the poker websites with the best VIP online programs we've gone to the trouble of reviewing every site out there. The sites below come highly recommended by our panel of expert reviewers, having been judged on their VIP Programs and by the following criteria:

  • Best VIP Programs
  • Best variety of poker games
  • Safest, most secure sites to play at

Once You Go VIP There's No Going Back

There's a part of all of us that longs for the full VIP treatment. Whether it's first-class air travel, getting behind the ropes in a club or being in the lap of luxury on vacation, it's hard to deny the VIP life is a sweet one. Fortunately for fans of online real money poker, the VIP experience is available there too.

VIP online poker programs are everywhere these days. Nearly every real cash casino you'll find has a loyalty system in place to reward regular players, high spenders or those who simply want to buy their way into exclusivity. The perks vary wildly, with everything from exclusive tournament entry, to special bonuses and the chance to win amazing prizes on offer to those enrolled in online poker VIP programs.

The Joys of Being Behind The Ropes in VIP

The two sites we've listed above, Titan Poker and Party Poker, stand out because their VIP programs online are easy to be a part of, transparent in their format and deliver some great benefits to loyal players.

Both award players points every time they play a hand of poker, or enter a tournament. As those points build up, players move up in rank in the site's VIP program and the advantages grow at each stage.

Points can be traded in for real cash or entry tokens to enter online real money poker tournaments. The real money poker sites are effectively giving back to those who play regularly, much as stores reward shoppers who spend money with them and airlines give away miles. You'd be crazy not to take advantage.

Poker VIP Programs FAQ

How Do I Register for an Online Poker VIP Program?

This varies depending on the site you're playing at. Some real money poker sites require that you sign up for their loyalty online program. Others enroll you automatically. There are also poker sites that charge a VIP membership fee.

What are the Biggest Benefits of VIP Programs?

Cash rewards obviously come high on a list of the best benefits, but there are plenty of other appealing things on offer from VIP programs. Being part of a loyalty program, you could be eligible to win anything from entry to a huge satellite tournament, to an all-expenses stay at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas.

Other benefits might include higher limits for cash deposits and withdrawals, and faster cashouts when the time comes to take some money out of your online poker account.

How Do I Become Eligible?

First of all you're going to want to register at one of the two sites above. That will involve making an initial cash deposit. From there, you'll be eligible to play and should start earning points straight away. Some sites automatically enroll you in their VIP programs, while others require that you sign up. Be sure to read up on that area of the poker website before you get playing.

What Do You Mean By VIP Levels?

Many real cash poker sites with VIP Programs will run a tiered program based on your membership status. Let's say you start at the Bronze level, with a certain number of points accrued. If you continue to add points you would eventually be promoted to Silver, and then Gold.

With each elevation your benefits will increase. It might be that you get a greater percentage bonus at each level, which entitles you to a greater cash reward for your points. Other benefits may be added as you scale the levels too, in recognition of your loyalty to the site.

Can I Join VIP Programs for Free?

While you may be able to enroll in a VIP Program for free, you would typically only earn points as you spend chips playing real money poker.

Is it Legal To Play Real Money Online Poker?

The answer to this question depends on where you're playing. Some parts of the world decree real money online gambling as completely legal, while others disagree with that stance. The best advice is to seek out the opinion of a qualified legal expert if you have any concerns or queries in this area.

Is it Safe To Play Online Real Cash Poker?

It's completely safe to play online poker if you stick to the sites we've highlighted on this page. These two sites have the very latest in security software deployed, and will keep your banking and personal details completely secure. With Internet security a big concern these days, it's imperative to know that the poker site you're spending money at has completely secure banking in place.