October 2018

Play Money Online Poker Sites

It may be play money but it’s far from Monopoly money. When it comes to online poker sites and playing with play money, you should still consider many factors. Some sites offer the opportunity to use play money or the points accumulated from playing with play money to enter real money tournaments. Others offer free rolls and prizes based on how often you play with play money. We have listed the best play money poker sites for you so you can choose where to play with authority. Please see the real money poker sites guide if you are looking to play for real money.

US Poker Players: For the best poker sites for US players please see the 2018 US Poker Sites guide.

Fake Money Poker Sites

Since fake money / play money poker games are only one step away from real money poker games you should take this decision seriously. Our rankings of these top play money poker sites will guide you the whole way.

It is important to take your game seriously when playing in poker sites for play money. It is while using play money that you can experiment with new strategies and try out different tactics without risking any of your real money. You can up your aggression factor or simply sit back and wait for good hands. Either way, you get to try out new ways of playing poker completely risk free in an online poker site with play money.

Tournaments are another vital aspect where play money poker sites can help improve your game. Real money play often features expensive buy-ins and thousands of players to compete against, leaving you feeling lost while eating away at your bankroll. You can rapidly gain experience at online play money poker sites, helping you reach the money positions when you make the switch to real money poker.

Online poker is not just about Holdem anymore. There are now variations such as Omaha, Stud and mixed games that really challenge your poker playing ability. Poker sites for play money allow you to become familiar with these games without losing any cash or damaging your carefully developed bankroll. Once you have understood the unique strategies of each game, you can switch to real money and lay waste to your opponents.

Finally, multi-tabling which is an essential online poker skill to master if you want to be profitable, can be extremely confusing when you first start out. Trying to track the fast action on a single table can be confusing enough. Play money poker sites can help you get to grips with the fast flow of action to add this weapon to your poker arsenal.

Poker sites with play money might sound like you are not taking the game seriously. But the truth is that you are not taking your poker game seriously if you are not playing with play money.

Play Money FAQ

What is play money poker?

Play money poker (sometimes also called free play), are online poker games where you don't risk any real money. While the game itself is identical to its real money counterpart, you don't have to worry about catching a bad run of cards and losing your entire bankroll in an hour when you play for play money. Aside from that, there are many other benefits to play money poker such as the ability to practice new games and strategies, as well as simply just playing poker for fun.

How much money do I get to use?

Every site is a little different and starting amounts can vary by game type and from table to table. For tournaments, there will of course be a set starting amount that will be the same as the rest of the players. For ring games, you'll start with the default amount the site has given you or whatever is currently in your account.

Like on a real money poker site, your play money winnings will be saved and there for you when you come back to play more. If you end up losing all of your play money, re-loading your account is usually as easy as clicking a button, though sometimes you may need to wait a certain amount of time before doing so.

What poker variations are available?

More and more play money sites are offering any poker type that you could find on a real money site. Of course Texas Hold 'Em is going to be found on 99.9% of these sites. However, games like Omaha, Stud, and mixed games are starting to gain momentum with the play money crowd as well. The sites and game types that play money poker sites offer is always being tinkered with, so even if your favorite style isn't offered for free play right now, that doesn't mean it couldn't be in the near future.

How does it compare with real money play?

While of course there will always be a little bit of an added adrenaline rush when real money is on the line, using play money can be just as fun. Especially if you are new, doing well in play money poker is just flat-out fun because, after all, poker is still just a game. It's a great opportunity to not necessarily worry about chip stacks but instead focus on the fun of trying to figure out what other players are holding, what card will come out next, and if you should hold them or fold them.

One other thing about play money poker you might notice to be different is much more aggressive play. This is only natural since really there is no downside to going all-in every. But while it may not be wholly representative of play you'd find on real money tables, it's still an important poker skill to learn how to play against these types of moves and players, as they still will come up quite a bit in real money situations.

If I had the choice, which should I choose?

You DO have the choice, as on PokerSites.com you will of course find the best play money poker sites on this page as well our recommendations for tons of great real money poker sites on the rest of the site. It really just depends on your comfort and skill level with a particular poker type and what you are hoping to get out of playing online.

Are there any benefits?

For players that may be new to poker in general or one of the less common game types (lowball, razz, etc.), choosing play money games may be a good place to start. Even for intermediate to advanced players, play money is a great option for testing different poker strategies without sacrificing any of your bankroll. In addition, play money is also a good way to practice techniques such as multi-tabling, where you have several tables open at the same time as a way to win big more efficiently.

Additionally, many of the sites we recommend even offer real money rewards (such as freerolls or various prizes) for winning in play money games. If you accumulate enough play money points on some sites, you'll even be allowed to enter in real money poker tournaments at no cost.

What sites offer play money games?

On this page we have listed the top play money poker sites. Any site we recommend first goes through stringent critique from our review team before we put it anywhere on our site. Among other things, every play money (and real money) site is graded on the tightness of their security (to protect your identity and transactions), the variety of games, as well as if they offer any sort of special bonuses and promotions to play money participants.
Only the sites that rank high in all of these marks get recommended and featured on our site. Rest assured that every play money site on this page will provide a great gaming experience that won't leave you bored, empty handed, or scammed.