June 2024

High Stakes Online Poker

One of the biggest pros of online poker is the variation of limits that are offered. It is not common that you can walk into a local card room and find a high stakes poker game (unless of course you live in Vegas). There are literally hundreds of high stakes online poker sites. Limits can get as high as $500/$1000, which is not likely to be found anywhere else except for the Internet. There is no doubt, that the web is the best place to find high stakes poker. Below is a list of the best high stakes poker sites.

If you've heard about High Stakes poker online and think it's for you, here are the three best real money sites on the Internet to get playing at. Our expert reviewers landed on these sites because they impressed on the following measurements:

  • The best variety of poker games
  • Big player pools
  • Generous welcome bonuses
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Blacklisted Sites

When you play high stakes poker online, there are plenty of standout casinos to choose from. However, there are also a handful of websites which you’ll want to avoid. We’ve blacklisted the following sites for reasons such as inadequate customer support, unfair payment terms or rigged games.

Lock Poker
Players have reported waiting huge amounts of time for their winnings from this casino. Some players have had to wait over a year to receive their money!
Ultimate Bet
Unfair payment procedures have brought this casino to the attention of our team. In fact, the site’s owners have been prosecuted for fraud in the United States.
Absolute Poker
With rigged games and inadequate payment processes drawing attention to this online casino, it’s no wonder that players are now being advised to avoid the site.
Card Spike
Customer support is completely lacking, and many customers have faced years of waiting for funds they’ve withdrawn. This site has never offered sufficient player protection.

High Stakes Online Poker Is Out There

Most people think of online poker as predominantly playing to the low and mid-stakes market, but there are an increasing number of real money sites that offer seriously high stakes if your budget and playing ability can justify it.

Some of these sites set stakes as high as $2,000 a hand, which makes for a potentially epic win if you get on a roll, and a potentially huge loss if your luck runs out and you get schooled for a few hours. But those playing high stakes online poker can typically afford it. They're often millionaires and some of them play as their primary income source. There are players out there with over $10 million in online earnings.

What Level Stakes Are We Taking About?

To clarify what a high stakes online poker is, we're talking mainly about the amount a player puts down as a bet at the start of a single hand. This could also be called the buy-in amount. Some classify high buy-in tournaments as being in the high stakes category too, which would factor in the kind of tournaments where players have been known to pay $1 million for a seat at a particularly lucrative virtual table.

It's clear you need to have two things going for you to consider High Stakes poker. Firstly, you need to have a sizable budget to draw from and be prepared to see it depleted rapidly on a bad day (it can grow just as rapidly on a good one of course). Secondly, you need to be an accomplished poker player. This is not the realm of the beginner.

High Stakes Are Not For the Faint-Hearted

Taking the leap to High Stakes online poker is a big decision, and one that players should think about carefully. High Stakes is not for those of you on a tight budget, nor is it a good choice for beginner players just starting out.

If you're a regular winner at online poker, however, and have built a strong bankroll, there's an argument you need to step up to High Stakes to get a taste of the big leagues and open yourself up to the really big prizes.

If your game is ready for the added intensity and your funds allow it, High Stakes poker is the biggest rush you'll find playing online real money poker. The prize pots are bigger, and every decision has the potential to win or lose you a big amount of cash.

High Stakes Online Poker FAQ

How Do Sign Up For High Stakes Online Poker?

Start by selecting one of the sites we're handpicked above. You'll need to enter your basic details and make an initial deposit to your online poker to get started. From there you'll be able to peruse the High Stakes poker games available and pick the one that suits your strengths.

How Much Can I Win Playing High Stakes Poker Online?

According to HighStakesDB.com, players are regularly winning pots worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in High Stakes games, with some going over the $1 million mark.

What Are the Typical Stake Levels in High Stakes Poker?

High Stakes poker can set limits up and around the $2,000 mark. There's no set definition of what qualifies as High Stakes poker, but anything in and around the $250 or above category would be considered by most as in the ballpark of High Stakes numbers.

What Are the Rewards of Playing Poker For High Stakes?

The most obvious reward is the potential to win far bigger pots than you can at lower stake tables. There are also the increased bonus rewards you may be entitled to when you're playing High Stakes and spending more money at a real money online poker site.

What Are The Dangers?

The biggest pitfall of High Stakes online poker is that you can lose big sums of money very quickly. It's therefore vital you come to High Stakes poker with a hefty bankroll and be prepared to go down as much as a few thousand dollars at certain points.

How Do I Enter Tournaments?

High Stakes poker tournaments would be classified as those with a pricey buy-in fee. To enter these tournaments you'll need a registered account at the site in question, along with the funds in place to pay your buy-in fee. From there it's just a question of clicking on the tournament you want to play and paying the entrance fee.

What Stakes Should Beginner Poker Players Go For?

The best advice to beginner poker players online is to start with micro-stakes and low stakes games. That way you're learning the game without costing yourself a fortune for every hand you lose. There are also play money games available at all the top sites, which are ideal for beginner players learning the ropes.