May 2024

Top Online Poker Sites For Beginners

The world of real money online poker can be a daunting one for beginner players. With so many sites to choose from and so much to learn, the dream of winning big at the virtual tables seems a long way off at first. That's why it's vitally important you begin your online poker career at a website to suit your needs.

If you're a beginner poker player looking for your online fix, we have a list of great sites that will get you started right. Our expert reviewers have chosen real money poker sites that have everything in place to foster your learning and:

  • Give you an excellent welcome bonus to kick-start your bankroll
  • Allow you to play online poker free
  • Have excellent customer support for beginners

Low Stakes And High Traffic

Beginner poker players are best served at sites that have low stakes games, so they can avoid too many heavy losses while making the inevitable mistakes of their early career. It's also a good idea to find online poker sites that have a free play facility, so you can put in hours practice without risking your hard-earned money every hand.

Another thing new poker players should look out for is a website with lots of variety. You won't know your best poker game format to begin with, and the best way to figure that out is to try them all until one sticks. You might also want to look for heavily trafficked poker rooms that are likely to attract lots of other beginner players. That way you're in good company and could get some cheap early wins under your belt.

Online Is The Best Place For New Players Learn The Game

Every poker star, from Chris Moneymaker to Martin Jacobson, had to start somewhere. There's no shame in being a beginner poker player, and the great thing about being a beginner online is you get to learn the ropes anonymously, and in the comfort of your own home.

What's more, you get to make your early mistakes at a minimum of cost, or even for free if you utilize the play money options at the sites above. Go and lose hands at a casino in Las Vegas and you could be down hundreds of dollars in a matter of 30 minutes.

In fact, there's never been a better time to be a beginner poker player online. Poker games are available 24-7, micro-stakes poker is all the rage and the bonuses offered by the top websites can boost your online playing account before you've even entered a game or tournament.

Beginner Online Poker Sites FAQ

How do I sign up at a an online poker site?

It's remarkably easy to get playing online these days. All you need do is enter your details and make an initial deposit into your online real money poker account. The funds will show straight away and you'll be instantly eligible to play whichever poker games and tournaments you fancy.

Can beginner players enjoy online poker for free?

Yes they can. As mentioned above, the best poker sites have play money games running at all times. These are a great way for new players to learn the ropes, and the ideal platform for real money play down the line. You won't get the thrill that comes with playing for real cash, but time spent playing for free is time well invested in the long run.

Can new poker players get bonuses?

Yes. Welcome bonuses vary in scope depending on the site you choose, but every real money poker site will have an enticing offer in place to lure your business. Most will involve a percentage match on your initial deposit.

How long does it take to master online poker?

The learning curve for online poker players fluctuates wildly. Some players are winning hands and holding their own in a matter of days and weeks, while others can take far longer. Obviously having a grounding in the game of poker is a big advantage, but there is still some adapting to be done if you've never experienced an online poker website before.

Is it legal to play online poker for money?

That depends entirely on where you're playing. In some places, real money online poker is not just completely legal, but a transparent tax revenue generator for governments. Other places, however, deem all forms of real money online gambling illegal. If you're not sure where you stand, when it comes to online poker, we would always recommend you speak to a qualified legal expert to clarify the matter.

Is it safe to play online poker for real money?

It depends - Beginner players should be warned of the dangers lurking on the Internet. There will always be poker sites set up to con people and caution is advised. If you choose to play at the sites we've selected, however, you can rest assured your online banking details and personal information will be completely safe. These sites have all the latest security software in place and a full customer service operation running to deal with any concerns you might have.