March 2015

Best Texas Holdem Poker Sites

Texas Hold'em

If you´ve caught poker on television at any point over the last several years, you already know that Texas Hold´em poker is the game of choice for almost every mainstream player.

Basically every single online gambling site out there offers Texas Hold'em poker, but some are better than others, and it's not easy to tell the difference between the online poker sites that you want to join and those that you don't.

That's where we come in. We´ve ranked the best Texas Hold´em poker sites based on a number of factors, focusing only on those that can give you:

  • Top notch customer service.
  • Busy Texas Hold'em Tables: night and day.
  • Game changing bonuses and rewards.

So do yourself a big favor and scroll down. This page has our exclusive and up to date listing of the best Texas Hold'em online poker sites on the net today!

Texas Hold´em Online Poker Sites

Texas Hold´em poker is a skill-based game that uses two hole cards in conjunction with 5 community cards. There are several rounds of betting that takes place pre-flop, on the flop, on the turn, and on the river. At the conclusion, the player with the best five card hand wins the pot. Play games online at Texas Hold'em poker sites now.

Texas Holdem is one of the most popular poker games online - largely popularized by the abundance of televised event featuring the game in competitive play. Many beginning poker players realized, by watching these events, that online poker was one of the few activities where completely new players could play alongside professionals without having to train for long periods of time. For this reason, some of the best poker sites on the Internet began to prominently feature Texas Holdem in a wide variety of stakes and limits. The best Texas Holdem online poker sites feature the popular poker variety with table stakes from $0.01/$0.02 all the way up to $100.00/$200.00 and more.

Online Poker Texas Holdem Sites

Online poker Texas Holdem sites also feature a variety of tournaments played in this popular game type for players around the world. Many poker schools and new innovations in poker gaming are centered around Texas Holdem play and this is important at the best Texas Holdem poker sites. While many professional poker players ultimately decide that they prefer Omaha, a very similar poker variety, the best Texas Holdem poker sites cater primarily to Texas Holdem players, especially beginners to the game and web site.

Some Texas Hold'em online poker websites even offer special promotions and bonuses for players that prefer to play Texas Holdem as their favorite poker variety online. Texas Holdem is one of the easiest varieties of online poker to learn and play and online poker rooms featuring the game often attract a great deal of fish by default, good news for online poker sharks that prefer poker sites with Texas Holdem.


We know you've probably got loads of questions about playing Texas Hold'em online. We're answering those that are most commonly asked - right here.

How popular is Texas Hold'em?

Texas Hold'em poker is actually the most popular poker variation - and you don't have to look at Internet poker gambling sites for proof. Just watch the World Series of Poker on TV. The world's richest poker tournament happens to be a Texas Hold'em event, and it attracts in upwards of 8,000 people. The number entrants vary from year the year, but one thing is for sure - most of them dream of turning their Texas Hold'em online game into a pro career. Today at real money web poker rooms, Texas Hold'em remains the most popular online card game.

Can I find online tournaments for Texas Hold'em?

Absolutely. As we mentioned, Texas Hold'em is the most popular variation of poker, so the best Internet Texas Hold'em poker rooms offer a dedicated section, just for the world's most popular poker game. Some of the largest real money Texas Hold'em sites run weekly guarantees. Six-figure guarantees at the top net poker sites are common, so there's always a big prize pool to play for. And even some of the smaller online poker Texas Hold'em sites offer hundreds of thousands in guarantees every week.

Will I find weak players when playing Texas Hold'em?

Absolutely. The explosion of online poker over the last decade has meant that everyone wants to get in the action. If you're seated at a high-stakes card game table, you'll find a lot of talented players. But you'll also find a lot of rich-yet-foolish players. The same goes for the low stakes Texas Hold'em cash tables. They're full of newbies trying to make a dent by making inexperienced moves, so if you've got some Texas Hold'em gambling talent, you can make a killing.

What stake levels are available for Texas Hold'em?

It varies based on the real money Texas Hold'em poker site you're playing at, but most real money cash game rooms offer $0.01/$0.02 tables. That means the small blind is a penny and the big blind is two cents. You can also find higher stakes Texas Hold'em poker websites that feature $100/$200 tables. And of course, most of the best Texas Hold'em poker rooms offer stakes in the $0.05/$0.10, $0.25/0.50, $1/$2, and $5/10 ranges.

Can I get a bonus playing Texas Hold'em?

Yes. Despite the flood of Internet poker players who want to play at Texas Hold'em poker rooms, some of the great Internet Texas Hold'em websites are handing out free money. That's because there's still a lot of competition in the online poker industry. Before you play at any Texas Hold'em poker room for real cash, it's a good idea to compare bonuses. Rollover requirements vary from site to site, so be sure to read the fine print before taking advantage of a Texas Hold'em poker bonus code.

Can I play Texas Hold'em for free?

For sure. We're not bluffing. Most poker sites run two versions of their site - play money sites and real money sites. But here's the deal. You're better off downloading the real cash online poker Texas Hold'em site. That's because the real cash sites still give you access to tons of free Texas Hold'em games. In fact, there are many good Texas Hold'em sites that offer freerolls - tournaments with real prize money that you can enter for free.

Can I play Texas Hold'em on a mobile or tablet?

That depends. Some Texas Hold'em real cash online poker sites do offer online poker apps for smartphones and tablets, but we recommend comparing poker rooms before you commit to any one site. You'll find that some sites offer a great mobile poker experience but less-than-amazing real money guarantees. The trick is to find a site that does everything well, so be sure to compare the offerings before you download. Remember, the mobile Texas Hold'em market is still in its infancy, so the experience isn't always as flawless as the Mac or PC version.

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