Partypoker Expands Streaming Network By Signing Online Pro Jordan Drummond

February 12th, 2020 | by Greg Shaun

Partypoker has added another self-made poker millionaire and Twitch streamer to its team of online ambassadors.

Jordan Drummond

Partypoker has signed another online star and Twitch streamer in the form of Canadian Jordan Drummond. (Image: WSOP)

Following the signing of Courtney Gee to Team Online, Partypoker has drafted Jordan Drummond.

A Canadian pro that started playing poker back in 2009, Drummond will now represent Partypoker online and at live events.

Drummond an Inspiration for Aspiring Pros

As a player, Drummond is a stereotypical online success story. Much like legendary names such as Tom Dwan and Phil Galfond, the man known as The Undecided started small.

With just $7 in his first online poker account, Drummond parlayed his bankroll into multiple business interests. As well as winning millions online, the young pro is a successful coach.

Initially sharing his knowledge with players on an individual basis, he’s now the owner of BBZ Staking. Through his company, he provides advice and financial backing to newbies and rising stars in the community.

In late 2019, Drummond added a third string to his bow with a Twitch channel. Despite being a relatively newbie in the streaming game, his mix of analysis and entertainment has won his 18,000 followers.

It’s this move into streaming that caught the attention of executives at Partypoker. In addition to its own Twitch channel, the online operator has actively recruited popular broadcasters such as Matt and Jaime Staples over the last 18 months.

Partypoker Hot on Streaming Trend

Tapping into the social gaming community is something that all poker operators have done in recent years. PokerStars took the lead with the signing of Jason Somerville in 2015. Since then, its connections with Twitch have grown.

In 2019, it released two features designed to further integrate poker and Twitch. The first was called Twitch Plays Poker and went live in September. Essentially a live game where Twitch viewers could dictate the move of a mystery player, the innovation was a mix of action and entertainment.

In November, PokerStars introduced a streaming add-on to its game client. The update makes it possible for players to connect their PokerStars account with Twitch via a single button.

In recent months, Partypoker has been content to take a more passive approach. The signing of Drummond will add another node to its ever-expanding network of streamers. What’s more, it will ensure it stays on pace with the latest trend in online poker.


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