Partypoker Team Online and $2 Million SNGs Fueling Ongoing Industry Battle

February 20th, 2019 | by Jason Reynolds

Partypoker has upped the ante once again and put pressure on its biggest rival, this time with a jackpot sit & go (SNG) worth $2 million.

Partypoker Matt Staples

Matt Staples has joined Partypoker Team Online at the same time the operator launched a $2 million Spins tournament. (Image: Partypoker)

Little more than a week after it launched a $1 million Spins promotion, the online operator has doubled its payout potential. Publishing details of the three-player tournament on February 19, Partypoker said this will be that largest ever jackpot for a $50 SNG.

As with the $1 million Spins series, there will only be one jackpot for every one million games played. Those who don’t find themselves in the top showdown will play for prizes ranging from $100 to $10,000.

Records Falls as Reputation Builds

The trio selected at random to play for the top prize will be guaranteed at least $200,000. The eventual winner of the three-way battle will take home a record-breaking $2 million.

By hosting a new series of jackpot SNGs, Partypoker is not only doubling down on it history making Millions Online but placing more pressure on PokerStars.

Prior to announcing the creation of a $1 million jackpot game, only its main competitor had offered something similar.

In doubling the top prize, Partypoker has raised the bar and stolen another march on PokerStars. Further fueling the burning rivalry between the two is the formation of Partypoker Team Online.

Taking an idea PokerStars developed more than four years ago, Partypoker is now capitalizing its increasing reputation among online pros.

Partypoker Team Online Takes Another Shot at PokerStars

Following the announcement that MTT rewards are to be cut, a number of grinders boycotted a recent PokerStars event.

Partypoker responded with an alternative MTT and now it appears to be taking another shot at its rival with Team Online. Indeed, if the subtle jabs weren’t already enough, the first player to join the group of internet pros is Matt Staples.

Brother of former PokerStars Team Online pro Jaime Staples, Matt will work alongside second member Hristivoje Pavlovic to boost the brand’s streaming services.

Although there is no indication brother Jaime will join Partypoker Team Online, he’s already helped Bill Perkins on his new collaboration with the company.

For fans of drama, the ongoing saga between Partypoker and PokerStars is compelling. As one side moves, the other reacts and the end result is more opportunities for players at all levels.

Sponsorship deals that were once a precious commodity are now more abundant. Outside of the pro ranks, casuals now have the chance to win a life-changing sum of money for a comparatively affordable $50.


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