Nick Petrangelo Toughs It Out to Win WPT World Online Championships Title

August 12th, 2020 | by Greg Shaun

A dose of luck and some slick play have earned Nick Petrangelo a WPT World Online Championships title and $494,550.

Nick Petrangelo

Nick Petrangelo emerges victorious from a grueling final table in Event #4 of the World Online Championships. (Image: YouTube/Partypoker)

The American pro was one of 999 players that anted up in Event #4 late last week. With a $3 million guarantee and the ever-popular six-max format in play, the world’s top pros were all too willing to ante up for $3,200.

Those conditions led to another star-studded event on Partypoker but, when the chips had fallen, it was Petrangelo who stood tall.

Strong Seven Becomes Winning One

Day 3 got underway on August 11 with seven players remaining. Artsiom Prostak was the man out in front, a position he held onto for much of the final table.

The first player all-in and all out of chips was Jake Schindler, before Elior Sion followed. The Brit made a move with A♠3♦ but couldn’t find a way past Jiachen Gong’s pocket jacks.

Gong’s good fortune came to an abrupt end just two minutes later in a hand against Petrangelo. Despite being all-in and ahead with pocket aces, Gong couldn’t beat his opponent’s J♦T♦. The 7♥J♣J♥J♠7♣ board was enough to give Petrangelo quad jacks and send Gong to the rail.

Now down to four, it was time for Prostak and Petrangelo to take control. The pair pushed their stacks at every opportunity until Patrice Brandt and Arsenii Karmatckii could take no more. Those two eliminations set up a final showdown that would last for more than two hours.

Prostak started the heads-up match with a 2:1 chip lead but Petrangelo was far from done. In one of the most professional displays of poker from the WPT World Online Championships so far, he hauled himself into the lead before clinching the title.

Petrangelo Wins WPT World Online Championships Title in Style

Petrangelo got it done with a perfect combination of cards, timing, and aggression. In the final hand, Prostak raised from the button with A♣Q♠. Petrangelo called with K♣T♣ and checked to his opponent on the T♥2♠T♠ flop.

Petrangelo checked and Prostak continued his aggression with a bet. Instead of calling to set a trap, Petrangelo raised it up in an attempt to look weak. That move worked as Prostak called with ace-high and watched as the 5♠ fell on the turn.

At this point, Petrangelo led out, prompting a call from Prostak with a flush draw. The A♥ on the river was enough for Petrangelo to commit the remainder of his chips. With a pair of aces, Prostak called and quickly saw the bad news.

With that, Event #4 of the WPT World Online Championships was over and Nick Petrangelo was almost $500,000 richer.

WPT World Online Championships Event #4 – $3,200 Six-Max Result

1 – Nick Petrangelo – $494,550

2 – Artsiom Prostak – $368,250

3 – Arsenii Karmatckii – $278,448

4- Patrice Brandt – $192,900

5- Jiachen Gong – $128,100

6 – Elior Sion – $93,630


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