Alex Manzano Wins WPT World Online Championships Event #2

July 29th, 2020 | by Greg Shaun

Alex Manzano is the man of the moment after winning Event #2 of the WPT World Online Championships and $176,131.

Alex Manzano

Alex Manzano has become the second WPT World Online Championships winner of 2020 after taking down Event #2. (Image: PokerStars)

The Chilean pro had to come through a tough final table in the $,3200 PLO event but a deal and a dose of luck got it done.

But before all of that, Manzano had to let Brit Pareshi Doshi take control in the early stages. With the chip lead in hand and the cards going his way, Doshi took the final seven down to six on July 28.

Pareshi Doshi Starts Fast

Doshi raised it up pre-flop and found a caller in fellow Brit Benny Glaser. The J♠5♠9♣ flop was the catalyst for a flurry of bets that resulted in Glaser moving all-in with K♠J♥9♥6♣.

Doshi called with A♣Q♥J♦T♣ and went ahead after the A♦ landed the turn. Glaser’s WPT run was eventually ended by the 2♥ on the river. Doshi was now the man to beat but Manzano wasn’t prepared to play for second place.

Within a few rounds of watching Doshi play executioner, Manzano hit a full house to dispatch with Jesse Rockowitz. Laszlo Bujtas, aka omaha4rollz, then stepped up to oust Alfred Karlsson before Doshi did his thing and took out Mike Leah in fourth place.

At this point, Manzano turned the tide with a limp-raise from the small bling against Bujtas. A series of bets on the 2♠8♣7♦ flop resulted in Bujtas committing his stack with A♣J♠T♥7♣. That hand was strong but not strong enough against Manzano’s K♦K♠T♣9♥.

Things went from bad to worse for Bujtas when the 6♥ fell on the turn. Things came to an end when the Q♦ gave Manzano the pot, the chip lead and sent Bujtas to the rail in third.

Duo Deal then Duel for WPT World Online Championships Title

The heads-up battle between Manzano and Doshi was always going to be a war of attrition. The two dominated the finale and had over 100 big blinds apiece at the start of play.

It would take more than  an hour of play to determine a winner but, before that, the two agreed a chop. That deal left $10,000 for the winner and Manzano made it his with a set of threes.

In the final hand, a raising war ensued heading to the turn before the final blow was dealt. With the board showing 3♠9♣K♣4♥, Doshi moved in with K♦Q♠9♠6♣.

Unfortunately for him, he was virtually dead against Manzano’s K♥9♥3♦3♥. The Q♥ closed out the action and allowed Manzano to scoop the pot and become the second WPT World Online Championships winner of 2020.

Event #2 WPT World Online Championships – $3,200 PLO Result

1 – Alex Manzano – $176,131*

2 – Paresh Doshi – $167,272*

3- Laszlo Bujtas – $106,163

4 – Mike Leah – $76,672

5 – Alfred Karlsson – $54,870

6- Jesse Rockowitz – $41,147

7 – Benny Glaser – $30,759

*Denotes a deal.


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