Andrey Kotelnikov Gets WPT Gold with Win in Event #6

August 26th, 2020 | by Greg Shaun

Russia’s Andrey Kotelnikov is the latest WPT World Online Championships champion thanks to a strong performance in the $3,200 mix-max event.

Andrey Kotelnikov

Andrey Kotelnikov has taken his lifetime earnings beyond the $1.2 million mark by winning Event #6 of the WPT World Online Championships. (Image: YouTube/Partypoker)

Kotelnikov was one of 989 players that anted-up over the course of two starting flights. Coming through the preliminary rounds between August 22 and 23, he found himself in the middle of the pack when play began on the final day.

However, as the field thinned and cards went his way, Kotelnikov picked his spots perfectly to win his first WPT title.

Seven Start Finale of Event #6

The finale of Event #6 got underway on August 24 with seven players. Oleg Vasylchenko led the way but his time at the top was fleeting. Within a few rounds, the Ukrainian had slipped from his perch as Britain’s Stuart Guite took control.

Jerry Wong was the unfortunate victim of the Brit’s early onslaught, but he wasn’t the only one. As Guite and Kotelnikov gained momentum, Dimitar Danchev, Maciej Gasior, and Vasylchenko all lost theirs.

Next on the chopping block was Sweden’s Sven Joakim Andersson. With only 16 big blinds, he was almost obligated to call from the big blind when Kotelnikov moved all-in from the small blind.

Andersson went to the flop ahead with A♣9♦, but Kotelnikov quickly took the lead with Q♠J♣ when the board ran out 7♠Q♦8♥.

The Q♣ ended the hand before the 2♠ brought it to an official conclusion. With that, Andersson was out in third and Kotelnikov had the chip lead.

Andrey Kotelnikov Gets WPT Gold

Although the end was in sight, it took more than an hour of back and forth before a winner was crowned. Guite was all-in and almost out at one point before working himself back into contention. However, in the end, a cold deck decided the match.

Bets on the flop, turn, and river were enough to put Guite all-in with J♦4♣. With the board showing 5♣4♦J♥2♣K♦, two-pair looked to be in a strong position. However, when Kotelnikov revealed 6♠3♣ for the straight, it was all over.

That pot left Guite without a stack which, in turn, made Andrey Kotelnikov a WPT champion. As well as picking up his first major title, the Russian banked a career-high payday worth $488,508.

Event #6 WPT World Online Championships – $3,200 Mix-Max Championship Result

1 – Andrey Kotelnikov – $488,508

2 – Stuart Guite – $366,604

3 – Sven Joakim Andersson – $217,903

4 – Oleg Vasylchenko – $190,500

5 – Maciej Gasior – $124,500

6 – Dimitar Danchev – $89,016

7 – Jerry Wong – $69,300


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