WPT World Online Championships Result: Daniel Smyth Turns $33 into $428,391

August 19th, 2020 | by Greg Shaun

Ireland’s Daniel Smyth has won Event #5 of the WPT World Online Championships and showed that the Irish certainly do have their fair share of luck.

Daniel Smyth WPT

Daniel Smyth has won the latest WPT World Online Championships main event after qualifying for $33. (Image: Twitter/Partypoker)

The plucky grinder found himself among illustrious company in the final stages of Event #5. However, while those around him spent $3,200 to take part in the knockout championship, Smyth had invested just $33.

With his place in the August 18 finale securing him a huge return on his investment, the Irishman played without any fear.

Irish Luck Helps Smyth Stun Pros

As the cards began to fly, Smyth watched as Matheus Resende and Shyngis Satubayev fell in quick succession. At this point, the satellite qualifier had less than 10 big blinds, but his run was far from over.

In a hand against Artur Martirosian, Smyth faded a ton of outs to secure a timely double up. That twist of fate gave him enough leverage to get a footing in the match as Ryan Riess and Martirosian lost theirs.

With five left, luck was on Smyth’s side again in a hand against Pedro Marques. This time he risked it all with A♠T♦ and stayed in front of Marques’ K♣Q♥ to take his stack over 20 big blinds. Marques hit the rail soon after, leaving just four players vying for the latest WPT World Online Championships title.

To say Smyth’s run towards the title was smooth from this point would be a lie. The Irishman had to steal victory from the jaws of defeat once again with A♦2♦ against Manig Loeser’s A♥Q♥. A deuce on the flop decided the hand and catapulted Smyth into second place with four left.

Satellite Qualifier Wins WPT Title

Pim Gieles and Joao Maureli fell by the wayside in fourth and third respectively, setting up an epic battle between Smyth and Loeser. The latter held the chip lead over his less-experienced opponent, but the roles soon reversed.

A quick double up for Smyth put him in control but it would almost two hours before he closed out the match. Eventually, however, he got it done and, this time, he went to the flop with the best hand.

Loeser was forced to commit his stack with 8♦7♦. Smyth called with K♠9♥ and held onto the lead as the board ran out T♠A♠4♣9♦4♦. With that, the satellite qualifier became a WPT World Online Championships champion and over $400,000 richer thanks to his $33 investment.

WPT World Online Championship Event #5 Result

1 – Daniel Smyth – $208,803 + $204,588 in bounties

2 – Manig Loeser – $208,492 + $70,866 in bounties

3 – Joao Maureli – $142,061 + $32,449 in bounties

4 – Pim Gieles – $95,502 + $23,478 in bounties

5 – Pedro Marques – $66,687 + $22,382 in bounties

6 – Artur Martirosian – $47,281 + $16,593 in bounties

7 – Ryan Riess – $29,699 + $18,562 in bounties

8 – Shyngis Satubayev – $23,504 + $750 in bounties

9 – Matheus Resende – $19,483 + $13,242 in bounties


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