Poker Pro Rich Alati Locks Himself in a Bathroom to Win $100K

November 30th, 2018 | by Jason Reynolds

Rich Alati is keeping with tradition by making a $100,000 prop bet that only a professional poker player would be willing to try.

Rich Alati poker prop bet

Poker pro Rich Alati is spending 30 days in a bathroom with no light in order to win $100,000. (Image: Commerce Casino Tournaments)

Following rumors that another high stakes wager was about to go down, the other man involved, Rory Young, outlined the official details on November 29. Describing the terms to Pokernews, Young said that Alati has to stay locked in a bathroom with no light for 30 days.

Even Lodden Would Think It’s Crazy

If Alati can complete the task, he’ll pocket $100,000. If he can’t, Young will win $100,000. Elaborating on the wager, the latter said the idea was conceived during a heads-up cash game.

As he often does, Young initiated a game of Lodden Thinks. Devised by Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak after quizzing the enigmatic Johnny Lodden, Lodden Thinks requires players to make theoretical bids on various topics.

On this occasion, Young asked fellow poker pro Alati what his price would be to stay in complete darkness for 30 days straight. Having done some research on sensory deprivation, the Australian believes most people overestimate their ability to function without any light.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Alati was confident in his ability to tough it out. With the proposition set, both players agreed to escrow $5,000 in lieu of Alati actually taking on the challenge.

Fast-forward to November 21 and the American poker player found himself locked in a bathroom with no light trying to win $100,000.

Under the terms of the bet, Alati can have any food he wants but the deliveries will be randomized to ensure he doesn’t know how long he’s been locked away. Additionally, there is a bed, a shower and various spa products he can use.

The final stipulation is that Alati can’t use any drugs to help him get through the task and his movements will be tracked 24-hours-a-day by five night vision cameras.

Another Crazy Poker Prop Bet

For Young, the bet is a lock. Light is required to stimulate various hormones and chemical signals in the body, which makes surviving in complete darkness both physically and mentally taxing.

Despite the conditions being stacked against him, history has shown that poker players are capable of defying the odds when there’s money on the line. In 2008, Jay Kwik set up camp in a bathroom at the Bellagio in order to win money from Andrew Robl and Alec Torelli.

In keeping with poker’s tradition of weird and wonderful feats, the aforementioned Esfandiari won $50,000 from businessman Bill Perkins after lunging instead of walking for 48 hours.

However, in some cases, winning the bet is only half the battle. After agreeing a $2 million weight loss wager in 2014, Ted Forrest found himself in a battle to get his winnings from Mike Matusow.

On this occasion, Young and Alati appear to have put all the necessary provisions in place to ensure no one gets left in the dark when the latest poker prop bet comes to an end.


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