Dan Bilzerian and Doug Polk Engage in Crypto War of Words

April 27th, 2018 | by Brian Corlisse

A seemingly innocuous tweet from Dan Bilzerian has started yet another social media feud within the poker community.

Dan Bilzerian Instagram.  

Dan Bilzerian hosting one of his high stakes home games has found himself in a war of words with Doug Polk. (Image: Twitter/@DanBilzerian)

Bilzerian may be known for his stream of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts featuring money, guns and semi-naked women, but his latest tweet seemed to irk Doug Polk. The opinionated poker pro has recently turned his attention towards the cryptocurrency market and decided to offer Bilzerian some advice.

With the millionaire stating that he was about to “get back into crypto,” Polk said that if he was out already, he was doing it wrong. A wave of vitriol, expletives and facetious remarks soon followed.

“Selling my bitcoin at 16,500 was wrong huh? Plz tell me what else I’m doing wrong you dumb s**t, make sure to use my name so people pay attention to you,” Bilzerian tweeted in reply on April 25.

Innocent Tweet Starts a War

Not one to turn down an invitation for a war of words, Polk was quick to respond with an allegation that is often levelled at Bilzerian.

“Since you brought up the subject, make sure to continue to use daddy’s money so people pay attention to you as well” was Polk’s response.

Doubling down on his comments, Polk proceeded to ask his Twitter foe whether he knew more about poker or bitcoin before questioning his understanding of making optimal decisions.

“Professional poker players know that just because a decision is profitable, it doesn’t mean it was the correct one. Doesn’t surprise me you don’t realize that,” the high stakes pro wrote on April 25.

Chalk Up Another One for Polk

Polk is certainly no stranger to controversy. In 2017 he called out Tom Dwan for not finishing his long-standing high stakes match against Daniel Cates. As well as Dwan, Luke Schwartz, Daniel Negreanu and PokerStars have all found themselves in Polk’s crosshairs over the last 12 months.

Although the arguments typically fizzle out, Polk has often been willing to back up his critiques with a heads-up challenge. On this occasion he didn’t directly offer Bilzerian a match, but he did suggest his foe should play more poker.

For his part, Bilzerian offered to settle the dispute by sending copies of his bank statements to Polk to prove he was a winning player. The offer was declined, which suggests the two players might not be offended enough to settle things with a high stakes showdown just yet.


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