Poker Pro Doug Polk Slams Poker Skills Of Dan Bilzerian

January 20th, 2017 | by Kaycee James

Dan Bilzerian claims to have made his millions playing high stakes poker, but one pro isn’t quite so sure.

Doug Polk on Dan Bilzerian.

High stakes pro Doug Polk goes on 15-minute rant about Dan Bilzerian’s (pictured) poker skills. (Image: Instagram/DanBilzerian)

The source of Bilzerian’s wealth has long been a topic of debate in the poker community and while the man himself maintains it’s mainly poker profit, regular grinders tend to disagree.

While it’s almost impossible to know whether or not Bilzerian is telling the truth (he often plays in private games), Doug Polk has his own take on things.

The reason for Polk’s breakdown of Bilzerian’s poker skills is because the Instagram king decided to stream a recent online session.

Despite keeping his playing style under wraps up until now, Bilzerian can be seen playing a session of high stakes heads-up No Limit Hold’em against SexAndWhisky.

Polk’s Perspective Isn’t Positive

Although Bilzerian won some healthy pots during the session, Polk’s 15-minute video highlights some of the mistakes he believes the millionaire made. In among his entertaining quips, Polk’s overall assessment of Bilzerian’s abilities was that there is definite room for improvement.

“All in all, while Dan did play very aggressive, I wouldn’t say he played all that great. In fact, there was some serious button clicking going on in this match. I think that, maybe, he could beat some high stakes very soft live games. But on the Internet, he’s a fish in the water,” concluded Polk.

Now, as all poker players will know, sample size is everything and it may not be fair for Polk to judge Bilzerian on a single session. But with Bilzerian happy to flaunt his wealth on social media and tell everyone that it comes from poker, someone with the experience of Polk should be able to give their take on things.

Mainstream Media Takes an Interest

Since posting his breakdown on January 17th, Polk’s video has been viewed more than 123,000 times, including once by British newspaper journalist, Sarah Barns. Writing a column for The Sun newspaper, Barns compiled a summary of Polk’s comments and combined them with some research of her own.

Although the newspaper’s request for a comment were ignored, Barns notes that Bilzerian claimed in a 2013 interview with Daily Dot that he went “broke after sophomore year,” but later turned $750 into $187,000. The same year, another British newspaper, the Daily Mail, described Bilzerian as a poker “champion” with $100 million in winnings.

There’s no doubt Bilzerian has a lot of money and the high stakes home games he frequents are likely loaded with fish. But even if that is the case, Polk is among a number of players that aren’t so sure he’s made all of his money from playing poker.


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