Major Win for Luiz Constantino in WPT World Online Championships Micro Main Event

September 2nd, 2020 | by Greg Shaun

Brazil’s Luiz Constantino has won the first main event title of the WPT World Online Championships on Partypoker.

Luiz Constantino

Brazil’s Luiz Constantino has turned $109 into more than $148,000 after winning the WPT World Online Championships micro main event. (Image: PokerStars)

The $109 micro version of the main event got underway on August 29 with 4,097 entries. Day 1B bumped up the field to 8,465 and the prizepool to $846,500.

Although that left Partypoker and the WPT with a $153,500 overlay, Constantino still banked $148,985 for his efforts.

Luiz Constantino Avoids Early Melee

Day 2 of the WPT World Online Championships micro main event started with 1,365 players. That figure was whittled down to just 56 after 20 levels of action.

Leading the way at the start of Day 3 on September 1 was Alexandre Andrade. The Brazilian bagged almost 70,000 chips ahead of the final session but couldn’t hold onto his position. As 56 became 16, Andrade was eliminated. But, as one Brazilian fell, another one rose to the top.

At the start of the final table, Constantino was out in front with almost 80 big blinds. That stack allowed him to sit back as Anis Homaidan, Philipp Zeckai, and Patrick Leonard went to war (see video below).

Homaidan was the short stack but Zeckai was also all-in against Leonard. Homaidan was trailing with pocket sevens, while Zeckai held pocket aces. Leonard was strong with pocket queens, but Zeckai’s bullets held on to scoop the pot.

With that, Homaidan was eliminated in ninth and Zeckai was the new chip leader. Leonard was next out, followed by Joris De Baas, Andre Figueiro, and Hamish Crawshaw.

As the blinds increased, Zeckai couldn’t keep pace with the pack, despite his early success. With Yin Zhang pushing at every opportunity, Zeckai finally made a call with A♥K♣. Unfortunately for him, a jack on the flop hit Zhang’s J♠8♣ and that was all she wrote.

Lady luck soon flipflopped, as it was Zhang on the wrong end of an all-in just minutes later. Taking a shot with pocket fives, he couldn’t catch a break against the pocket eights of Kim Heidermann.

Major Upset Settles Micro Finale

Constantino had remained a constant throughout the final table and avoided gambling unnecessarily. He continued in that vein heads-up and was rewarded with a serious dose of good fortune.

A flurry of pre-flop action resulted in Heidermann committing his stack with A♦J♣. Constantino called with A♠J♥ and a split looked to be on the cards. The poker gods had different ideas though as the board ran out 6♠Q♠2♣5♠7♠ (see video above).

That pot brought an end to the match and gave Constantino his first WPT title and biggest payday to date.

WPT World Online Championships $109 Micro Main Event Result

1 – Luiz Constantino – $148,985

2 – Kim Heidermann – $104,299

3 – Yin Zhang – $66,686

4 – Philipp Zeckai – $43,630

5 – Hamish Crawshaw – $29,770

6 – Andre Figueiro – $20,070

7- Joris De Baas – $13,950

8 – Patrick Leonard – $10,450

9 – Anis Homaidan – $8,540


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