partypoker Opens Up Platform to 100 Million Twitch Users

October 12th, 2016 | by Kaycee James
partypoker Twitch stream.

partypoker is looking to tap into Twitch’s 100 million viewers with a dedicated channel. (Image:

Partypoker is bidding to increase its following and make up some ground in the online poker rankings with the help of a dedicated Twitch channel.

Over the last 12 months there’s been a wave of new poker streams featuring and partypoker will be a part of that movement.

Launching the channel just a few days after it made Jackie Glazier part of its sponsored team, partypoker will be hoping to attract players from the gaming world through a combination of entertainment and education.

partypoker Looking to Rebound

At present, partypoker is fifth in the online traffic rankings according to PokerScout; a position it will hope to better as we move into 2017. Indeed, before UIGEA came into effect and poker sites were driven out of the US, partypoker was among the top three platforms in the industry.

But, following a withdrawal from the US and the recent dominance of PokerStars, partypoker has lost its footing. Although recent innovations such as Fast Forward, have helped bring in more players, a traffic ranking below PokerStars’ Italian site isn’t ideal.

To help remedy the situation, partypoker will now be hosting regular Twitch streams that feature some of its most recognizable players. Kicking things off on October 11 was top ranked UK tournament pro Patrick Leonard.

Streaming for more than three hours, Leonard gave viewers an insight into his mindset as well as some general advice on what games they should be looking out for on partypoker. This strategy of fusing education, entertainment and a dose of marketing is something bosses at partypoker HQ will be hoping helps to increase traffic.

Banking on the Potential of 100 Million Viewers

Indeed, according to Twitch’s 2015 annual review, the average viewer watches 421.6 minutes of Twitch content per month which is 130 minutes more than the average YouTube viewer. Moreover, Twitch now has more than 100 million monthly users which means there’s plenty of potential viewers for partypoker.

In fact, Twitch has become one of the most important marketing tools for poker companies in recent months. As well as sites and players showing off their talents via the streaming platform, organizations like the Global Poker League have taken advantage of its global reach.

As yet the online poker industry is yet to benefit from a mass migration of gamers in any significant way. However, as more operators invest time and money into Twitch streams there is a good chance we’ll see an increased traffic across the board as we move through 2017.


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