Attack Video Reportedly Features Controversial Pro Salomon Ponte

December 4th, 2017 | by Jason Reynolds

Video footage reportedly featuring Salomon Ponte being assaulted has surfaced online as York Regional Police appeal for information regarding a summer incident.

Salomon Ponte attacked.

Security footage released by York police reportedly shows poker pro Salomon Ponte being attacked. (Image: YouTube/OfficialYRP)

The 51-second tape shows a man attacking another player at an illegal poker game in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada, on June 9, 2017. Although the victim’s identity has been concealed, speculation online suggests that it was Ponte in the firing line.

Poker Community Suspects It Was Ponte

Although no one has officially confirmed that it was the controversial poker pro, 2+2 users have pointed to June 2017 post by MastaAces. Writing that Ponte “got what was coming to him,” MastaAces goes on to post links to Ponte’s Instagram photos detailing the incident.

Since MastaAces forum post was written, the player known as Hashtag King has deleted his Instagram page, but players still believe he was the one receiving a beatdown.

With little evidence to go on, local officers posted a video of the assault on YouTube in a bid to track down the assailant. They currently believe that the attack was prompted by an outstanding debt, something one forum user has also suggested.

“This has nothing to do with poker, he owed like 70k for sports bets, he has always been a notorious slow pay,” kcbj6 wrote on 2+2.

Controversy and Ponte Go Hand-In-Hand

Ponte made headlines with his now fateful appearance on Poker Night in America (PNIA) back in April 2017. Already known for his brash attitude, the Canadian proceeded to make enemies of Shaun Deeb and Doug Polk before trying to sell his watch, rings and passport in order to get back in the game.

The incident might have made Ponte the talk of the poker community for a few days, but the publicity soon backfired as he was banned from Live at the Bike. The long-running cash game show broadcast from the Bicycle Club in LA had previously agreed to let Ponte play in its televised sessions.

But after reviewing his PNIA appearance and the ensuing backlash, the organizers pulled the plug and dropped him from the line-up. Since then the self-proclaimed hashtag king has kept a low profile.

However, if it’s confirmed Ponte was victim in the recent video (see below), it seems he might not be able to escape his controversial image so easily.


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