May 2016

Best 3D Poker Websites

Real money online poker has come a long way from its inception back in the 1990s. Software advancements, along with the ever-increasing speeds and processing power of today's desktop, mobile and tablet devices, have made things possible with that we would once have thought the stuff of your online poker fantasies.

If you haven't played 3D Poker yet, you need to.  And if you've already converted to the experience, you still need to check our list to ensure you're playing at the right websites. Our expert reviewers have searched the Internet high and low, for the very best in 3D Poker out there. We asked them to look specifically at the following criteria:

  • The biggest variety of 3D poker games
  • Top welcome bonuses
  • Secure banking services and solid customer support

The Thrill of 3D Online Poker

Gamers are playing 3D poker online in increasing numbers as the quality of the graphics and gameplay continues to improve. The online 3D poker experience is so lifelike now you can build your own character to look exactly like you (or not at all like you!), and perform all kinds of actions while you're sitting at the table. Some games allow you to look down at your cards, and even make eye contact with other players at the table.

The popularity of online real money 3D poker has undoubtedly been helped by the huge TV audiences tuning in to watch marquee events like the World Series of Poker main event.  Fans watching those tournaments want to replicate the experience when they play online, and the closest they can come is to play three dimensional poker games for real cash.

3D Poker FAQ

How Do I Sign Up to Play?

Start by visiting one of the sites we've recommended above. You'll need to register and make an initial deposit to your online poker account to get going. Once that's done – and the funds will usually be processed instantly – you'll be eligible to join a 3D online poker game or tournament.

Can I Play For Free?

Yes you can. Most of the top online real money poker websites have a free play option that allows you experience their games without paying a stake. This is a great way for new players to grow in confidence, though it goes without saying that free play poker does not deliver the same thrill as playing for real cash.

Are There Online 3D Poker Tournaments To Enter?

Absolutely there are. A site like PRK, for example, has a huge selection of 3D Poker tournaments that are hosted around the clock. These range from Sit N Go tournaments, to multi-table events and a whole lot more besides. The buy-ins for these tournament range from $1 to $100, with freeroll and points-only tournament in the mix also.

What Do I See When I'm Playing Online 3D Poker?

This depends on the poker site you're playing at and the options available for your camera angle. PKR allows you to control the angle as if you're the producer of a televised poker event, zooming in and out, and focusing on different players or the table as you fancy.

Is Body Language a Factor When You're Playing 3D Poker?

It might sound ridiculous, but yes. When you play at PKR, you can trigger certain actions from your player avatar. If you're clever, these can be used to bluff your opponents and help you win.

Do I Need to Download Software to Play 3D Poker Online?

That depends on the site you're playing at. Some online poker websites offer bespoke software to download to your desktop device. Others have an instant play function, typically relying on Flash of Java technology to deliver your real money poker experience via their live website.

Can I Play 3D Poker on Tablet and Mobile Devices?

Yes you can. Both PKR and 888Poker offer 3D Poker for mobile and tablet devices.  The best way to access 3D Poker this way is to download their free apps.

Why Don't All Poker Players Choose to Play 3D Poker?

It comes down to a question of taste. Some online poker players are most comfortable in a 2D environment, and may find the 3D Poker offering adds nothing to their enjoyment.  It might also be that they first fell in love with online poker before 3D was on the scene and see no reason to change things.

Can I Win Big Money Playing 3D Poker?

Yes you can. There are big money 3D Poker tournaments going on all the time, where you could win $50,000 or more in a virtual poker environment. If you do win big, your avatar will obviously celebrate aggressively to the rest of the table.

Is it Safe to Play 3D Poker Online?

3D Poker is 100% safe if you stick to the sites we've listed on this page. Our expert reviewers have absolute confidence that these 3D Poker websites have everything in place to ensure your banking and personal details remain protected at all times.

1Best 3D Online Poker Site

888 Poker is well known for its cutting edge software and, combined with its promotions and freerolls, is one of the best 3d poker sites around. Their huge player base and fun tournament formats makes this a definite stop on any poker player's list. Don't miss out and head over to 888 Poker to enjoy all of this action in stunning 3d.

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PKR was one of the first 3d poker sites to emerge, about 2 years ago. Their 3d poker software is very cool, with so much control over your 3d poker figure. You can do everything from look at your cards individually as you lift them up, to performing multiple chip tricks. No 3d poker has as much detail as PKR poker.

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