Three Pros Take Shots At Phil Hellmuth As Heads-Up Fever Takes Hold

February 17th, 2021 | by Kaycee James

He can dodge bullets and win more WSOP bracelets than anybody else, but everyone still wants a piece of Phil Hellmuth.

Phil Hellmuth

Everyone is taking aim at Phil Hellmuth right now as the poker world goes heads-up crazy. (Image: Getty Images)

With recent high-stakes heads-up matches captivating poker fans around the world, it’s hardly surprising Hellmuth’s name has been mentioned.

Indeed, if someone else hadn’t mentioned it, we’re pretty sure he’d have thrown his hat into the ring at some point. However, someone did mention his name. In fact, three people have mentioned it so far.

Negreanu and G Take Aim at Phil Hellmuth

First to take a shot at the Poker Brat was Daniel Negreanu. Still reeling from his million-dollar defeat to Doug Polk, Negreanu took umbrage at some of Hellmuth’s comments on the match.

The two went back-and-forth on Twitter before an inevitable challenge was issued by Negreanu. Things quickly escalated as the prospect of a heads-up match captured the imagination of players around the world.

Odds were even issued. Hellmuth started as the earlier favorite before a correction made him the underdog.

Just as everyone was preparing for a Negreanu vs. Hellmuth showdown, Tony G threw a wrench in the plans. Fresh out of politics and looking for a new challenge, he offered to play Hellmuth in a televised match for charity.

That too caught the imagination of poker fans. Hellmuth and G are not only two of the biggest talkers in the game, they’ve butted heads on multiple occasions.

Therefore, while the poker on display might not be as impressive, the banter between the two would be.

Even Doug Polk Wants a Piece of Phil

If two challenges weren’t enough, Doug Polk also entered the fray late last week. Brimming with confidence after beating Negreanu, Polk said he’d happily play someone who doesn’t rate his game.

That match, however, is less likely to happen as Phil Hellmuth has made some questionable demands. As well as wanting to play just one table, he wants odds of 10 to 1.

We have to assume he thinks that’s fair. But there’s a saying in boxing that goes, “if you don’t really want the fight, price yourself out of it.”

The implication here is that boxers who don’t want to appear weak will ask for a ridiculous fee. Therefore, when their demands are rejected, they can say it wasn’t their fault the fight never happened.

Is that the case with Hellmuth and Polk? We don’t know. However, we do know that Polk isn’t willing to play under those conditions.

That leaves Negreanu and G. Based on talent alone, Negreanu is considered the better of the two.  Therefore, Hellmuth would go for G if he wants an easier match.

However, there would be more kudos for beating Negreanu. And, if we know one thing about Hellmuth, it’s that he likes to talk about his achievements.

Besting Negreanu would certainly be noteworthy and something we’d probably hear about for many years to come. That may mean we see this match before any others.


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