PokerStars Replaces Mobile App with Next Gen Software

February 15th, 2019 | by Kaycee James

PokerStars is launching what it describes as the next generation of mobile gaming technology in a bid to stay one step ahead of its peers.

PokerStars next gen mobile

PokerStars has rolled out its “next gen” software designed to make mobile gaming more entertaining. (Image: PokerStars)

The “next gen” software is already live in Denmark and features an upgraded graphics engine. As well as enhancing the look of its games, PokerStars has placed more emphasis on speed.

Following on from its recent move to reduce decision-making times online, the operator has made it easier to browse and switch games. According to Director of Poker Innovation and Operations Severin Rasset, the overhaul will bring the app in line with modern offerings.

Acknowledging that the mobile platform is often a new player’s first exposure to PokerStars, Rasset’s team took inspiration from today’s leading iOS and Android apps.

“The most important things about our new app are the fundamentals: simplifying choices for our users by grouping games together in a logical manner,” Rasset wrote in his February 13 blog.

Innovative Gateway to Gamers

In addition to reducing search times and making it easier to move between tables, the software will feature both manual and automatic personalization features.

“[The app will implement] internal logic that adapts to each player by remembering what was played and recommending similar games that they might enjoy,” Rasset continued.

By completely overhauling its mobile app, PokerStars will remove a product that’s been live since 2011. Launched just after the iPhone 4 was released, the original mobile software was the company’s first foray into the medium.

Today, mobiles dominate the entire gaming industry. In 2018, Newzoo research showed that 51% of all gaming revenue is now generated by mobile devices.

With newbies and casual gamers more likely to ante-up via their smartphones, PokerStars has reacted. Indeed, with its main rival Partypoker also launching a number of innovations this year, including 60 percent rakeback for high rollers, the industry leader needs to stay active.

Ups and Downs at PokerStars

However, while mobile players will be celebrating, MTT grinders have been given dose of bad news. In tandem with the mobile update, Rasset announced that MTT rewards will be halved.

To help improve tournament guarantees, players will now receive 45 Star Rewards points for every dollar raked in MTTs. The new rate comes into effect on February 15 and will be 55 percent lower than the previous 100/$1 value.

The full impact of the changes will take time to manifest itself. In the meantime, PokerStars Next Gen is live for iOS devices in Denmark and will be rolled in other countries, and for Android, in the coming months.


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