PokerStars Planning Omaha Innovation According to Recent Update Log

February 25th, 2019 | by Greg Shaun

Innovations from PokerStars continue to flow as the leading online operator looks to put the pressure on its closest competitor.

PokerStars innovation

PokerStars could be on the verge of adding another unique innovation to its online platform. (Image:

With Partypoker announces a string of updates and initiatives in recent weeks, PokerStars is preparing to hit back with an idea of its own. Although not confirmed, a report by Pokerfuse has stated that a new version of Pot Limit Omaha could be in the pipeline.

Image Banks Contains Wealth of Hidden Info

After searching through images filed attached to PokerStars’ latest software update, the media site stumbled across artwork for an Omaha table. Looking almost identical to the graphics used for the now defunct Split Hold’em, the speculation is that the game will feature two boards.

If that proves to be case, the variant will be similar to the side games played by pros at events such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Although rules can vary from game-to-game, the general premise of Split Omaha is that players use two of their four cards on two different boards.

If they can make a winning five-card hand from the top set of cards, they win 50 percent of the pot.

Conversely, if two of their four cards combine with three on the second board to make a winning hand, they collect the other 50 percent of the pot.

Finally, if the player can make a winning hand on both boards, they scope the full pot.

PokerStars Continues to Drive Innovation

Of course, without any official notification, any outline of the rules is purely speculation at this point. However, what’s clear is that PokerStars isn’t showing any signs slowing down when it comes to rolling out innovations.

Despite swinging and missing with variants such as Split Hold’em, PokerStars is eager to redefine the online poker experience. While Partypoker has focused its recent wave of updates on high stakes players, it’s main rival is aiming at a broader demographic.

The recently released 6+ Hold’em has proved popular with high stakes and low stakes players. Should Split Omaha make it to market, it will be seen as another extension of PokerStars’ increasing range of exotic variants.

What’s interesting about this is the change of direction between the two top operators. While Partypoker is putting more stock in seasoned players, PokerStars is heading more towards those who want more action and entertainment.

This schism is intriguing and demonstrates the various ways in which online poker is evolving and, more importantly, growing.


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