PokerStars’ Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes July 4th Hero

July 11th, 2015 | by Brian Corlisse
Cristiano Ronaldo returns lost phone in Las Vegas.

Soccer star and PokerStars ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo recently surprised a reveler in Vegas by returning her lost phone. (Image: Twitter/@mc_kenzzz)

Real Madrid forward and budding bluffer Cristiano Ronaldo might be trying to perfect his poker face at the moment, but during a recent trip to Las Vegas he proved he wasn’t a dishonest person.

Despite deception being a skill he’ll need to master if he wants to triumph at the felt, Ronaldo was on hand to return a reveler’s phone on July 4th.

Joining thousands of visitors in Sin City for a series of Independence Day celebrations, Ronaldo stumbled on a Smartphone while inside one of the strip’s biggest clubs.

Although details of the incident are limited, the phone in question belonged to Austin Woolstenhulme who claimed the soccer star became her knight in shining armor.

Woolstenhulme’s Unlikely Hero

After losing her phone while out with a group of friends, Woolstenhulme logged into Instagram from another device and appealed to her 17,000 followers for help. To expect a response was hopeful, but soon after posting the message she was met with a friendly reply from Mr. Ronaldo.

Despite being the last person Woolstenhulme expected to receive a message from, she gave Ronaldo the details of her location and he duly arrived with her phone. 

However, that’s not where the story ends. Instead of simply returning the phone and carrying on with his night, Ronaldo reportedly bought dinner for Woolstenhulme and her friends before sharing a few drinks with them.

“Bad news is I lost my phone. Good news is it’s with Cristiano Ronaldo,” tweeted Woolstenhulme’s friend, Kenzie Sellers.

Would Ronaldo have done the same if Woolstenhulme and her friends weren’t quite as attractive? Possibly not. However, the random act of kindness was one that she’ll never forget.

Ronaldo’s Poker Prospects

As for Ronaldo, he flew to Tokyo to shoot a commercial just a few days later and will soon be starting pre-season training with Real Madrid.

However, beyond his sporting commitments and media obligations, Ronaldo is expected to don a PokerStars patch later this year and take part in a selection of public poker events.

Alongside Barcelona forward Neymar, Ronaldo will be using his status as a soccer star to entice more casual fans to tune into the game and ante-up.

Although there have been no updates on how or when Mr. Ronaldo will step into the spotlight, we already know he’s actively playing home games with his friends.

Just a few weeks before he was unveiled as PokerStars’ latest brand ambassador, Ronaldo posted a picture of himself celebrating a victory in his regular home game.

Whether or not this experience will help him when he takes on the likes of Daniel Negreanu and Jason Somerville remains to be scene; however, if his recent honesty in Vegas is any indicator of his mentality, then he may not be the best bluffer in the game.


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