Poker Players Alliance Could Fold After Fundraiser Flop

April 2nd, 2018 | by Jason Reynolds

US online poker players could be about to lose one of their biggest advocates after the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) failed in its bid to raise $25,000 in public donations.

PPA misses funding target.

The PPA falls short of its funding target and may now have to explore new avenues if it wants to stay alive. (Image:

When the PPA announced that it was experiencing financial troubles, there seemed to be an initial level of support as players were quick to retweet the social media messages.

“2017 saw PA pass iPoker, and 2018 is primed to be our biggest year yet, but funding issues threaten to shut down PPA before we can even get started. PPA cannot continue fighting for poker if we do not raise $25K by 3/31,” read a February 14 Twitter post that was retweeted 12 times.

Support in Principle but Not in Practice

Despite the interest and subsequent coverage by poker media outlets across the industry, the fundraising effort fell short of its target by almost $19,000. When the clock stopped on March 31, the total number of public donations was $6,015.

Without the funds required, the PPA will now have to stock and consider how it moves forward. One potential glimpse into the future of the organization came via a recent survey regarding sports betting in the US.

After asking PPA members for their thoughts on consumer advocacy and the fight for legal sports betting, the majority of those surveyed said they would be interested in efforts in this area. Prior to his departure, Pappas also suggested that this may be the time for the organization to diversify.

PPA May Have to Diversify

“There has never been greater momentum than right now for the advancement of sensible internet gaming policy in the U.S. Whether lawmakers are considering poker, casino gambling or even sports betting, a strong and organized grassroots effort will be critical to legislative success,” Pappas wrote in the PPA’s February 7 press release.

Although New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is leading the fight to make legal sports betting a reality on a local level, a victory in the Garden State would allow regulation to blossom across the US. If the PPA can carve out a niche in this sector, it may be able to generate some funding that would not only help sports but poker.

What’s more, if sports betting can find a way into legislative arena, it could drag poker with it. For now, however, the PPA may be forced to find new ways of funding its operation.


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