Mike Postle Follows Stones Gambling Hall and Files Motion to Dismiss

March 27th, 2020 | by Kaycee James

Mike Postle has filed a motion to dismiss the $30 million lawsuit against him and Californian poker room Stones Gambling Hall.

Mike Postle

Mike Postle moves to dismiss lawsuit as he continues to deny cheating in cash games at Stones Gambling Hall. (Image: YouTube)

The court document appeared, in full, on the site RounderLife. It’s not known how the document was obtained but it’s been alleged that Postle has ties with the publication.

Regardless of how it appeared online, the document takes the same line as the motion filed by Stones Gambling Hall. Overall, Postle is calling for a dismissal based on a lack of evidence.

Postle Stands Firm As Industry Pros Throw Accusations

Postle is accused of collaborating with the poker room in order to cheat players out of thousands. The case became one of 2019’s biggest stories as pros from around the world used their knowledge of poker to pick apart the allegations.

By reviewing video footage from Stones’ live streams, players such as Joey Ingram believe there is evidence Postle cheated. Their conclusions are based on Postle’s seemingly reckless style and long-term win rate.

According to Ingram et al, moves made by Postle have a low positive expectation. In other words, he wouldn’t be able to achieve a consistent win rate by making the same moves over a long period of time. Based on that, the allegation is that he was privy to inside information, namely the cards his opponents were holding.

A group of players from Stones Gambling Hall agree. Led by Veronica Brill, the group enlisted lawyer Mac VerStandig to file a $30 million lawsuit against Postle and Stones Gambling Hall.

Postle Uses Stones Gambling Hall Defense

Postle refutes the allegations. His motion cites a lack of evidence with regards to any hands played or, indeed, any persons that may have allowed him to cheat.

“Plaintiffs fail to describe with any specific poker hand, with any specific Plaintiff, describing any specific fraudulent conduct, causing any specific injury,” reads the court document.

The filing marks the next step in what’s likely to be a long-running saga. However, VerStandig spotted a possible flaw in the filing.

Whether or not the document has been officially filed is unclear. However, it looks as though Postle is taking the same line of defense as Stones Gambling Hall. With both parties showing their hand, VerStandig now knows the task in front of him.

He hasn’t yet revealed what, if any, evidence the claimants have. Game reviews from professionals are likely to form part of the case against Postle but other evidence may yet come to light.

For all involved the road to a resolution may be a long one. With the new coronavirus disrupting everything right now, a conclusion may not be reached until late in 2020.


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