Mike Postle Facing Two Counts of Cheating as Marle Cordeiro Files Second Lawsuit

April 8th, 2020 | by Greg Shaun

Mike Postle has come under fire from a second flank as the Stones Gambling Hall cheating saga took another twist this week.

Marle Cordeiro

Marle Cordeiro has added to Mike Postle’s misery but filing a second lawsuit linked to the Stone Gambling Hall cheating scandal. (Image: Twitter/Marle Cordeiro)

With one lawsuit already filed, Postle will now have to defend himself against a second suit from Marle Cordeiro.

The American poker player is suing Postle for $250,000. At the heart of Cordeiro’s filing is the claim her opponent used illicit tactics during cash games at Stones Gambling Hall.

Streaming Issues Opens Up Accusation Floodgates

TMZ initially broke the story and the documents show Cordeiro believes live streams were part of the scam. It’s Cordeiro’s belief that Postle received messages from insiders working on Stones’ live stream.

“While playing in Stones Live Poker games, Mr. Postle would stare – often repeatedly – between his legs, at his cellular telephone, so as to study the hole cards of other players,” reads the lawsuit.

The same theory has been posited by plaintiffs in another lawsuit aimed at Postle and the poker room. Both parties have responded to the original accusations, but not the latest lawsuit from Cordeiro.

Stones Gambling Hall claims there was no evidence of cheating or its staff having a connection to any illegal behavior. Postle also went on the defensive recently by filing a motion to dismiss.

Contents of the document were linked by media site RounderLife and show an appeal to a lack of evidence.

“Plaintiffs fail to describe with any specific poker hand, with any specific Plaintiff, describing any specific fraudulent conduct, causing any specific injury,” reads Postle’s motion to dismiss.

Cordeiro’s lawsuit picks up on this claim. As well as citing an unprecedented win rate of 94 percent, the American points to one hand against Postle.

Mike Postle Fighting Battles on Multiple Fronts

The hand in question was the only one they played against each other on a live stream. At its core, it involves Postle folding top pair on the turn in a spot that most pros would have at least called.

Although Cordeiro acknowledges the hand can be easily explained in a vacuum, she says it’s part of a much larger narrative of deception. Indeed, one key part of the lawsuit points to an incident that took place on May 6, 2019.

During a stint in the commentary booth, Postle said he knew the stream only showed two hole cards in Omaha games. Given he was at the table playing until that point, Cordeiro contends there’s no way he could have known this.

The legal battle between all concerned is likely to continue for much of 2020. However, regardless of the outcome, both Postle and Stones Gambling Hall may, ultimately, suffer.

Cheating accusations stick in poker. Based on that alone, both parties could find themselves in tight spots moving forward.


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