Former World Champ Jamie Gold Gives His Take on Stones Gambling Hall Scandal

November 1st, 2019 | by Kaycee James

World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event winner Jamie Gold has become the last pro to chime in on the Mike Postle and Stones Gambling Hall scandal.

Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold has had his say on the Mike Postle and Stones Gambling Hall cheating allegations. (Image: Twitter/BetcoinAG)

Speaking to CardsChat, the 2006 champion said that his experience of live cash games should be a lesson to anyone.

Explaining that he’s been cheated numerous times in the past, including at a major casino he asked to remain anonymous, Gold said more needs to be done.

Gold Wants Ban on Electronics

Speaking in general terms, he feels that no one should be allowed cell phones or electronic devices at the table.

Coincidentally, the use of electronic communication devices has been offered as one of the ways Postle may have cheated during live streams at Stones Gambling Hall.

Referring specifically to the allegations, Gold told CardsChat the situation seems “shady.”

The former WSOP champion isn’t the only poker pro to speak out against Postle. Ever since Veronica Brill flagged up what she feels is long-running example of foul play, Doug Polk and Joey Ingram have been on the hunt for evidence.

As well as being expert players, they have become popular analysts and industry commentators in recent years.

Using their social media channels to inform, enlighten and entertain in equal measure, Polk and Ingram have led the backlash against Postle and Stones Gambling Hall.

Stones Gambling Hall Case to Set Precedent

In response to allegations he cheated, Postle has denied any wrongdoing as has Stones Gambling Hall. However, following a lawsuit from Brill et al, a simple denial may not be enough anymore.

Those behind the allegations are suing the poker room and Postle for damages that could top $30 million. Helping their legal effort is lawyer and poker player Maurice VerStandig.

The lawsuit is still in its preliminary stages and the specifics on whether it will go to trial haven’t been established. However, by setting the wheels in motion, those that feel wronged have shown they aren’t going to let the issue slip away.

For Gold, that’s a positive as he’s seen his own grievances pushed aside in the past.

Even though Postle and Stones Gambling Hall remain innocent until proven guilty, the case has set a precedent. With the poker community learning from mistakes of the past, the recent show of strength should serve as a warning to anyone thinking about trying to game the system.


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