Jaime Staples Accepts Weight Loss Bet 2.0 for $150,000

April 18th, 2018 | by Jason Reynolds

Poker pro Jaime Staples has agreed another big money weight loss bet less than a month after dropping 115.7 pounds and picking up $150,000.

Jamie Staples

Jamie Staples (left) in heavier times is now bidding to win $150,000 by dropping down to 9.9 percent body fat. (Twitter/@jaimestaples)

Announcing the news via Twitter, Staples confirmed that he would once again be working in tandem with his brother to win money from Bill Perkins.

The businessman and poker player was the first to throw out the idea, suggesting that the Staples brothers couldn’t get down to 9.9 percent body fat or less.

Another Bet Worth Sweating For

Giving some more context to the prop bet, brother Matthew posted a YouTube video explaining the situation and how he was initially unsure whether to accept. Having just won $150,000, Matthew was unwilling to make it double or nothing with Perkins.

But after some discussions with Jaime and their high rolling foe, the trio agreed to a $50K vs. $150K wager. With the Staples brothers happy to risk $50,000, the final terms were put in place:

“One Dexa scan on the day of March 25th, 2019.

50K to 150K.

9.9% or less body fat for both @MattStaplesPKR and I.

No steroids or HGH.

I am allowed surgery to remove excess skin,” reads an April 13 Twitter post from Jaime Staples.

Railbirds Confident Despite Statistics

With the bet accepted on both sides, Jaime and Matthew now have less than 12 months to take their body fat percentage below 10 percent. The average percentage for males according to bmi-calories.com is 18 to 24 percent, while anything below 13 percent is what you’d except to see on an athlete.

Despite the facts, Justin Bonomo is backing the brothers to win. After watching them secure victory in their last weight-based challenge, Bonomo is looking for action from anyone that doesn’t believe they’ll make the grade.

As yet, the two poker pros haven’t discussed how they plan to shed some pounds or what their starting percentages are. What we do know, however, is that trainer Mike Vacanti has tweeted about the bet.

After working with the pair last time, it’s likely he’ll be onboard to help again. While he, like many who have commented, will be confident, he did tweet that the latest $150,000 wager is “insane.”


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