Glitch Gives 888poker Players a Sneak Preview of Flopomania

August 7th, 2017 | by Kaycee James

888poker showed its hand a little too soon after a technical glitch mistakenly added its latest creation, Flopomania, to the lobby before it was ready.

888poker Flopomania.

Two technical glitches led to 888poker players getting a sneak preview of the latest Hold’em variant, Flopomania. (Image:

According to 888poker forum user camelto5, the new game appeared in the lobby on July 27 next to the “Blast Games.” However, after playing for five minutes and then logging out of their account, the player was unable to find it later that day.

A Second Glitch Reveals More

A follow-up post by the same user said that the game was back once again on August 2 but, as before it was removed a few hours later. Addressing the situation on Twitter, 888poker explained that a “technical incident” led to the unexpected releases.

“888poker recently experienced a technical incident, which resulted in the accidental release of our new game called Flopomania. We will make sure to take all measures needed to prevent any reoccurrence of such incidents in the future,” read the series of tweets.

Although the tweets outlined that that Flopomania is in its final testing stages and due for release in the coming weeks, the game players saw wasn’t the finished product.

Regardless, the unintended sneak preview gave 888poker players the chance to see what new concept the team had been working on.

Will Flopomania Be a Hit or a Flop?

Outlining his experience of the game, camelto5 said that it was basically a sped up version of No Limit Texas Hold’em where pre-flop betting had been eliminated. So far, news of the forthcoming game has received mixed reviews.

One user called the idea “rubbish” while others, such as 888poker player John, said that a “bit of variety in game type can’t hurt.” Although the final verdicts will have to wait until the game is officially released, Flopomania is clearly a game designed to suit casual players.

Much like variants such as Spin & Go tournaments and fast-fold poker, the idea is to introduce a larger amount of luck and increase the speed of play.

Despite proving unpopular with hard core poker players, innovations such as these have proved popular with amateurs and there’s a chance Flopomania could be a similar hit.

For now, however, the community will have to wait and see whether Flopomania is going to hit or a flop.


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