Player Wins $1 Million Spin and Go on Twitch Stream

May 1st, 2015 | by Greg Shaun
$1 Million Spin & Go PokerStars Twitch

A lucky Spin & Go awarded $1 million to the winning player while thousands watched on Twitch. (Image:

Opening up a $5 Spin and Go and learning that you’re playing for a $1 million prize might just be the thrill of a lifetime.

With that much money on the line, it’s hard to imagine that the three lucky players in the tournament aren’t already feeling tremendously nervous, even with a $100,000 consolation prize for the two “losers” who don’t come out on top.

That’s why it’s probably a good idea that the three competitors didn’t know thousands of people from around the world were watching the tournament of their lives play out live on a Twitch stream.

Polish poker player “bladsonpoker” ultimately came out on top in the Spin and Go, winning a $1 million prize after triggering the fifth-ever $1.2 million prize pool lottery-style tournament.

The hyper-turbo style of play in the Spin and Go event meant that it took just over seven minutes for bladsonpoker to take home the top prize, defeating Norway’s “hooomlesnurr” and China’s “ROliver CEO” in just 29 hands.

Other players have also been lucky enough to trigger the special massive prize pools off of a $5 investment; just a week earlier, in fact, a Russian player going by the screen name “CccpVodka” scored a cool million after taking down a Spin & Go in just under six minutes.

Jaime Staples Casts Million Dollar Tournament During Stream

But this one was a little bit special for viewers. Jaime Staples, a poker pro who streams his PokerStars sessions and who was recently signed to a contract by the site, was streaming his own tournament play when he was made aware by someone in his chat that a $1 million Spin & Go had just begun.

Staples immediately put the tournament front and center, pushing his own play to the background while they watched the three competitors duel for one of the largest prizes in online poker.

Staples went on to provide commentary for the tournament, though he spent as much time bemused by the situation as he did analyzing hands.

“This is so sick, man,” Staples said as the tournament started. “Think about this: for a million dollars right now.”

Staples did pay attention to the action as well though, including acting shocked as bladsonpoker folded a couple of hands when his heads-up opponent was down to just barely more than one big blind.

Ultimately, however, he did get his money in good with A♦2♥ against the T♥7♥ of hoomlesnurr. Neither player improved on the board, earning bladsonpoker what will likely be the biggest moment of his poker career.

Winner Played on Mobile Device, Continued Playing After Score

The winner was playing on a mobile device at the time of his victory, which only serves to highlight the growing popularity of mobile poker.

Interestingly, he was also playing in other tournaments at the same time, including a $4.40 No Limit Hold’em tournament that he continued to compete in even after winning the million.

The special million dollar Spin & Go tournaments are part of a special promotion for PokerStars: normally, the top prize pool is 3,000 times the buy-in, or $15,000 for a $5 tournament.

During the current promotion, however, which will run through May 24, there is a slight chance (three in 10 million, to be exact) of triggering the special bonus prize pools.


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