Expert Suggests that Donald Trump Might Help US Online Poker

November 9th, 2016 | by Kaycee James

Donald Trump president and poker.

Donald Trump as president might not be such a bad thing for poker if he listens to the right people. (Image:

Donald Trump is the new president of the United States and the poker community isn’t sure what to make of it.

As it is in society as a whole, politics often divides opinion. Throughout the latest presidential campaign, people on either side of the divide have been quick to judge their opponent.

For those in support of Trump, Hillary Clinton was the representation of a broken system. For those in favor of Clinton, Trump was a misguided businessman who enjoyed the sound of his own voice.

However, now the talk is over and the votes have been cast, it’s Trump who will lead the US and that could mean a myriad of things for the online poker community.

Although the man himself has stayed out of the online poker debate for the last few years, he has been recorded as saying that America is missing out by not being a part of the industry.

Industry Weighs in on Trump

Whether or not he still holds this opinion is unclear, but as Adam Krejcik has pointed out, the issue may not be Trump’s own ideas.

“My view: direction of Gaming policies under Trump will likely be dictated by who has more influence Christie vs. Adelson; tough to call,” tweeted the iGaming researcher from Eilers & Krejcik.

Although the industry expert made it clear that this was his opinion, there’s certainly a chance Sheldon Adelson could have some influence in the White House now.

While he and Trump aren’t the best of friends, money and business opportunities talk and that could mean the new president is willing to listen to Adelson’s anti-online poker ideas.

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

On the flipside, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been an ally of Trump throughout his campaign and this relationship could flourish in the coming years.

As we know, Christie was a major advocate for online gaming in his home state and he could pass this enthusiasm on to Trump.

It’s also worth noting that poker fan and friend of Trump, Andy Beal, may also have some influence. Having already been an advisor to Trump on economic policy, it’s possible Beal will outline the financial benefits of having a regulated online poker industry in the US.

While there are still a lot of questions left to be answered when it comes to Trump and online poker, the recent election result might not be a terrible thing for the industry.

Many may still have their reservations about the billionaire’s intentions or credentials, there’s a least a chance he won’t be gunning for the online poker industry during his time in office.


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