Daniel Negreanu Faces Backlash from Donald Trump Supporters During Democratic National Convention

July 29th, 2016 | by Kaycee James
Daniel Negreanu DNC.

Daniel Negreanu took to Twitter during Day One of the Democratic National Convention to sound off on the election. (Image: pokernews.com).

Love him or hate him, Daniel Negreanu isn’t afraid to speak his mind. The poker sensation recently became an American citizen. Part of what made him so excited to gain citizenship was the ability to vote against Donald Trump in the presidential election this November.

On Twitter, Kid Poker has lashed out at Trump and his supporters, often referring to the Republican nominee as a “racist” and “dangerous to America”. His comments haven’t gone over well with his supporters.

During the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Negreanu again took to Twitter to tweet during the proceedings. His posts were, as expected, positive because he is a Democrat. He was inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech.

“Ok she got me. Michelle Obama got me to cry haha! #DNCinPHL what an AMAZING WOMAN AND ROLE MODEL FOR OUR KIDS!!!!,” he posted.

The responses to his post were mainly negative. Some liberals stepped in to defend him, but many Trump supporters were harsh.

“wow you are so dillusional its unreal I have lost all the remaining respect I had for you with that comment… #patheticobama,” Dave Kolean (@dkolea25) replied, with grammar and spelling mistakes to boot.

“@dkolea25 click unfollow. It’s easy. Come on. Just do it! Top right corner. Click and it all goes away!,” Negreanu responded.

More Twitter Feuds

The six-time WSOP gold bracelet winner didn’t stop there. He went on to attack Trump with a series of Twitter blasts.

“Donald Trump spends more time thinking of childish nicknames than he does reading books or contemplating a policy platform past build a wall,” he said in reference to Trump’s frequent insults towards those who disagree with his views.

“be careful what u say about OUR future President!!,” Christian Nessler (@therealdiesel4) responded.

“@therealdiesel4 will he put me in prison for speaking out against his vision for America dictator style?” Negreanu questioned, alluding to Trump’s accused dictator wannabe mentality.

Negreanu then went on to refer to Trump as an “awful human being” who is “thin skinned and dangerously sociopathic,” a common accusation of the presidential candidate’s detractors.

Kid Poker Praises DNC

The comments from the poker superstar weren’t all negative during the first night of the DNC. Negreanu was quite complimentary of the first night on Monday.

“Great job day one #DNCinPHL keep preaching love, compassion, and inclusion. It’s a cliché but Love really does Trump Hate,” he penned.

As expected, that post didn’t go over so well with his Donald Trump-obsessed followers. Neither did his insistence that Bernie Sanders’ supporters should vote for Hillary.

“To the #BernieOrBust voters I understand your disappointment but help Bernie’s platform by voting Democratic all the way down the ticket,” Negreanu advised those who support Hillary Clinton’s main Democratic primary competitor.

It’s clear who Negreanu will be voting for in November (Hillary). He may be rethinking his American citizenship if Trump gets elected.

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  1. Cvthorn says:

    Daniel just doesn’t get it. If you are a us citizen your right is to vote as you please without personal attacks.regardless of party affiliaton you do not behave disrectful to a candidate now president of USA. Maybe a wall between us and Canada to keep the like of Daniel out of USA.

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