Dan Bilzerian To Howard Stern: $50 Million Win for 2014

July 25th, 2014 | by Jason Reynolds
By his own reckoning, Dan Bilzerian has banked more in 2014 then almost the entire poker community combined.

The self-proclaimed $50 Million Dollar Man, Dan Bilzerian, in one of his tamer Instagram pics. (Image: instagram.com)

How much money has poker pro Dan Bilzerian made on the felt in 2014? According to a recent interview with Howard Stern, he’s won enough to buy 250 Ferraris or a private island in the Bahamas.

Now, we all know that Bilzerian is far from the best poker player in the world. He often admits that he’s always the best player in some of his high-stakes home games, but during his recent chat with Howard Stern, he claimed that so far this year, he’s banked $50 million.

Doing It in Private

The revelation came as a shock to not only Stern and his co-hosts, but the poker- playing public as well. Despite not occupying the same lofty pedestal as the likes of Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu, Bilzerian has managed to find himself a niche in some of the richest private poker games in the world.

After being probed further about his poker exploits, the confident multimillionaire admitted that he doesn’t play against professionals anymore, and his biggest losing session to date was $3.6 million. Having detailed his annual profit, Bilzerian described himself as a “good” but not “great” player, noting that the bulk of his fortune is courtesy of the private nosebleed games he plays in.

Forgetting to mention that he’s also the son of multimillionaire Wall Street takeover specialist Paul Bilzerian, the confident playboy went on to explain that he’s trying to take a break from the stress of poker.

Instagram Playboy

Away from discussing poker, Bilzerian opened up about his personal, or not-so-personal, life. Being one of the most recognizable figures on Instagram, with more than 3 million followers, Bilzerian’s antics off-the-felt have been well-documented. A seemingly endless orgy of alcohol, semi-nude women and glamorous parties, the 33-year-old’s social media account has earned him the reputation for being somewhat of a playboy.

It’s this persona that’s propelled Bilzerian to international fame and led to appearances on mainstream shows such as Stern’s. While some members of the community are opposed to Bilzerian’s rise to fame, the publicity he brings to the poker world can’t be denied.

Dan Bilzerian’s Top Five Shocking Moments

He’s infamous for posting images of his playboy lifestyle, but which moments from Dan Bilzerian’s life stand out as the most shocking?

1. Bilzerian once posted a picture of himself running naked on a treadmill.

2. Bilzerian claims he went “broke” in college and sold guns to rebuild his bankroll back up to $10,000.

3. A cocktail of drugs and alcohol led to Bilzerian having a double heart attack in his twenties

4. Bilzerian was banned from the state of Utah for possession of a gun.

5. The playboy once unsuccessfully tried to throw a porn star into a swimming pool from his roof. The woman subsequently broke her foot and tried to sue him.


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