“Molly’s Game” Movie Treatment to Bring to Life Molly Bloom Story, Aaron Sorkin to Write Screenplay

January 9th, 2016 | by Brian Corlisse
Aaron Sorkin to direct poker movie Molly's Game.

Aaron Sorkin will make his directorial debut when he works on the cinematic adaptation of the Molly Bloom telll-all book “Molly’s Game”. (Image: blogs.telegraph.co.uk)

The infamous Hollywood poker home games that became known as “Molly’s Game” is being turned into a film by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.

Based on the memoirs of Molly Bloom and her “tell all” book of the same name, “Molly’s Game” the film will bring to life the highly secretive world of the high stakes home games frequented by the likes of Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Bloom the Poker Princess

Before she became the host of the most notorious home game in America, Bloom was a world-class skier.

However, after she failed to make the US Olympic team, she used her network of contacts to set up a lucrative Hollywood poker home game circuit.

Bringing together some of the richest and most famous celebrities in Hollywood, the games would reportedly see hundreds of thousands of dollars exchange hands in a matter of minutes.

But an FBI investigation into illegal gaming practices led to the demise of the game and earned Bloom a $1,000 fine and a year’s probation.

However, her tales of high stakes battles between DiCaprio and his peers caught the imagination of the general public, which then led to a battle for the movie rights to the book.

Sorkin’s Directorial Debut

After a series of negotiations, Sorkin, the screenwriter for “The Social Network,” was named as the man who would take on the task of putting Bloom’s story onto film.

Following that announcement, it’s now been reported that Sorkin will also use the film to make his directorial debut. Although he currently has some producing credits for various TV shows, including “The West Wing,” this will be the first time he’s taken on a project of this magnitude.

According to movie news website Deadspin, Sorkin will work alongside Amy Pascal, the ex head of Sony, to create a full length feature film of the most exclusive Hollywood poker game in history.

Who Will Play Molly’s Men?

Although it’s a possibility, it’s seems unlikely that Affleck, Maguire, and DiCaprio will play themselves in the movie version of “Molly’s Game,” which raises the question: who will? Although we’re not in the business of casting movies, we certainly know a poker player or two who could slot in to any of the available roles with ease.

Daniel Negreanu: He’s the best-known, the most accomplished, and someone who would thrive in front of the camera as the main player in the game.

Daniel Colman: According to Bloom, Tobey Maguire was a “moody” player, and there aren’t many more grumpy poker stars than Daniel Colman.

Viktor Blom: Blonde hair, youthful looks, and a willingness to gamble for high stakes: there is no one better to play Leonardo DiCaprio than Sweden’s Viktor Blom.


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