Dan Bilzerian Tried to be a Hero During Las Vegas Shooting

October 9th, 2017 | by Jason Reynolds

Dan Bilzerian has responded to critics by posting a video of what really happened from his perspective during the October 1 shooting in Las Vegas.

Dan Bilzerian Vegas shooting video.

Dan Bilzerian (pictured) proves he was trying to help during the Las Vegas shooting but Dakota Meyer stills wants to fight him. (Image: Instagram/danbilzerian)

When Nevada resident Stephen Paddock shot and killed 58 people from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas, Bilzerian hit the headlines thanks to an Instagram post. Wanting to alert people to the incident in real-time, Bilzerian uploaded a short clip of him running away from the gunfire.

 Bilzerian in the Firing Line

Bilzerian has referred to his Navy SEAL training in numerous interviews and often poses for pictures with his vast collection of guns. Based on this, many social media users, including former Marine, Dakota Meyer, were critical of Bilzerian for running away from the incident.

However, in an attempt to clarify the situation and show that he wasn’t a coward as some have suggested, Bilzerian spoke to The Hill. Describing his version of events, Bilzerian said that all he wanted to do was get his hands on a gun and takeout the person responsible for the shooting.

Although the October 5 interview was enough to appease some critics, Bilzerian doubled down on his story by posting a video of what actually happened. Added to his Facebook page on October 7, the video shows Bilzerian running from the shots before returning to the scene.

Bilzerian Facing Another Battle

After crouching behind a concrete barrier, Bilzerian can be heard pleading with officers to give him a gun. But despite showing them his credentials as a sworn in police reserve, one officer told the millionaire social media celebrity to back off.

“Get the f**k away from me. I don’t know who you are, you know better than that. Keep moving,” barked the officer.

Despite Bilzerian proving that he was actually trying to do the right thing, former marine Meyer is still upset with the self-proclaimed King of Instagram. On top of the two trading barbs over each other’s perceived bravery, Meyer claims that Bilzerian has given his wife’s phone number to a number of strangers.

As well as being the mother of Meyer’s children, Bristol is the daughter of former presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Addressing the issue in an Instagram video posted on October 8, Meyer has warned Bilzerian not to drag his family into their feud and now wants him to settle things like a man with a one-on-one fight.

As for Bilzerian, he appears to have come out of the incident with a better reputation than before the media storm ensued. Regardless of people’s opinion, the tape does show that he was trying to mount a fight back against Paddock.


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