Euro Bitcoin Site Bitnplay Offers 100% Lifetime Rakeback for Early Investors

January 1st, 2015 | by Kaycee James
Bitcoin poker site Bitnplay to launch

Bitcoin poker site Bitnplay will launch in Europe in 2015. (Image: forexminute)

Bitcoin poker sites became an emerging force in 2014, and now a new European-facing site called Bitnplay will make this niche portion of the industry a little bit bigger in 2015.

The latest Bitcoin-powered poker platform will open its virtual doors on February 1. However, unlike other sites using this platform, players will only be able to play tournaments.

Furthermore, players won’t be able to make deposits to their Bitnplay account in the traditional way. Instead of using the usual funding model offered by established poker portals, Bitnplay will take tournament buy-ins directly from a player’s Bitcoin wallet.

This process should eliminate many of the security issues associated with moving funds from someone’s bank to their poker account. Moreover, the unique structure should remove processing fees from the equation, which would make things cheaper for both the site and its players.

On top of this, Bitnplay’s model could help it circumnavigate various online gaming laws across the world. Significantly, this could allow Bitnplay to gain a foothold in US states that haven’t yet regulated online poker and casino games.

Bitnplay’s 100 Percent Rakeback Deal

Aside from giving players a deposit-free gaming model, Bitnplay is also giving 200 players the chance to unlock a generous rakeback deal. By investing in the site during its infancy, canny poker players can earn 100 percent rakeback for life on a single registered account.

The offer is available to anyone willing to pay two Bitcoin (approximately $633as of this writing), and for that investment, they’ll receive a Bitnplay partner token. Players are permitted to purchase more than one token, but a single token can only be applied to one account.

This means that potential affiliates could scoop up a number of tokens and apply them to their players’ accounts and earn 100 percent rakeback from multiple sources. However, the downside to this is that Bitnplay probably won’t become a home for serious grinders just yet, as it will only be hosting tournaments.

As well as paying for a partner token, Bitnplay will be giving one lucky tournament winner a special 100 percent rakeback token during the site’s welcome freeroll on February 1.

A New Way to Play Poker in 2015

As Bitcoin poker sites become more prolific and the community begins to understand the virtues of the cryptocurrency, platforms such as Bitnplay could become big business in 2015. If that happens, then the value of a Bitnplay partner token could skyrocket. Of course, Bitnplay won’t be the only Bitcoin poker site vying for a slice of the poker industry’s global digital currency pie.

Aside from established Bitcoin poker sites such as SealswithClubs, Nitrogen Poker and Breakout Gaming joined the industry back in 2014. Although these platforms have yet to attract a strong client base, they are part of a growing subset of the international poker community.

Will Bitcoin poker platforms become a dominant force in the industry? Probably not, but the addition of another cryptocurrency site will certainly give players another interesting option in 2015.


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