Viktor Blom To Stream 10-Hour Session On Twitch

May 20th, 2015 | by Greg Shaun
Viktor Blom Unibet Twitch stream

Viktor Blom will play a long streaming poker session on Twitch later this month. (Image:

Viktor Blom (better known to many as “Isildur1”) has a reputation as one of poker’s greatest gamblers, a man who is willing to take on anyone at any stakes and doesn’t shy away at the prospect of losing a million dollars in a single session.

But he’ll be taking on decidedly lower stakes when he enters a new arena later this month: Twitch.

Blom will make his first ever appearance on Twitch on May 27, when he streams a 10-hour session on Unibet Poker.

However, you won’t see Blom sitting at the nosebleed seats this time around: instead, he’ll be playing at stakes that give just about everyone on the site a chance to take him on.

Blom to Visit Many Tables in Session

According to Unibet, Blom will be at cash tables on the site between 11 am to 11 pm BST on Wednesday, May 27. During that time, he’ll play at up to four tables at any given time, at no-limit and pot-limit tables with buy-ins between $50 and $400.

During the session, Blom will change tables every hour or so, giving players throughout the site a shot at playing against him. He’ll also be using a special custom avatar so that players will know when they’re up against the high-stakes legend.

That could certainly be fun (if not terrifying) for low- and mid-stakes players on the site. But the best action may be reserved for fans who watch the session play out on Twitch.

Throughout the session, Blom will answer questions from the Twitch chat while giving his thoughts on hands. Viewers who play at Unibet will also have a chance to win prizes during the stream, including an exclusive avatar in Blom’s likeness.

While Blom has not publically entered into a sponsorship deal with Unibet, he has been a part of many events with the site. He wore a Unibet patch at the European Poker Tour Grand Final, and participated in the site’s Golden Cash Game late last year.

Poker Increasingly Popular on Twitch

Blom may be new to Twitch, but poker certainly isn’t. The site, which is best known for its streams of competitive video games, has been hosting poker content since late last year.

The first prominent player to take advantage of the opportunity was Jason Somerville, who has since amassed over 7.3 million views and 100,000 followers for his channel. The success of “Run It Up” even earned Somerville a sponsorship deal with PokerStars, which saw him move to Canada to stream a “season” of ten weeks of sessions on the site this year.

Other poker players have also found success on Twitch. Jaime Staples has made a name for himself (and earned a PokerStars affiliation of his own) by streaming tournament poker, while big names including Daniel Negreanu have occasionally taken to the site to broadcast high-stakes sessions.


The poker player known as Isildur1 first appeared at Full Tilt Poker in 2009, playing at nosebleed no-limit hold’em tables against top players like Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey.

While he won and lost millions, it was unclear for some time exactly who he was, though some fans put together clues that suggested Blom was likely the man behind the account.

Finally, in January 2011, Isildur1 was revealed as Blom soon after signing a sponsorship deal with PokerStars.


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