Support Builds for Daniel Negreanu Ahead of Doug Polk Showdown

November 2nd, 2020 | by Kaycee James

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk will begin their highly anticipated heads-up match this week and, currently, the community is split on the outcome.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu (pictured) and Doug Polk will start their high stakes battle this week. (Image: PokerStars)

Heading into the opening round of action, Negreanu has mixed emotions. After reviewing his recent stats, the Canadian found that his win percentage is between 15% and 20%. By that measure he’s either in for a rough ride or due an upswing.

Polk has also posted his results from recent weeks online. Although he’s down just over $46,000 due to losses at $100/$200, wins at lower stakes mean he’s actually up 30 buy-ins overall.

Online Battle to Start Offline

Both players are clearly among the game’s elite. However, the mixed results in preparing for the $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em match suggest they’re far from their best right now.

Of course, everything can and probably will change when the action gets underway on November 4 (it was originally due to start on November 1). Fans will be able to watch the first 200 hands for free on PokerGo before the match is closed to everyone except subscribers.

Although the match is scheduled to take place online, the 200 hands being aired for free will be played live inside PokerGo’s Las Vegas studio. For many, the live portion of the match will favor Negreanu as Polk is much more accomplished online.

However, when the match switches, the online setting should favor Polk. Despite that presumption, a lot of money is being wagered on Negreanu. Mike Matusow has bet half of his bankroll ($10,000) on Kid Poker to win, while Bill Perkins has booked at least $1 million worth of side action.

Bets Pour in for Daniel Negreanu

Much of the interest in Negreanu stems from the 4/1 odds Perkins has offered interested parties. In fact, the interest is such that even Polk has taken some action. He’s bet $2 million on himself at 4/1, which means he stands to win $500,000 in side bets alone.

By all measures, this could become one of the biggest heads-up matches in history. Although Phil Galfond has been taking on all-comers in recent months, the amount of action being booked for Negreanu vs. Polk is almost unprecedented.

What’s more, both players have deposited at least $1 million to contest the high stakes showdown. How much action they may or may not have sold is an unknown variable.

However, both Negreanu and Polk are successful pros with large bankrolls. That means they’re likely to have a large stake in the match. This, in turn, should lead to an epic showdown when the action gets underway on November 4.


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