Daniel Negreanu Remains Competitive in High Stakes Grudge Match

November 19th, 2020 | by Jason Reynolds

Daniel Negreanu has shown he’s capable of mixing it with poker’s young guns even though he still trails Doug Polk in their high stakes grudge match.

Daniel Negreanu

Doug Polk is leading Daniel Negreanu (pictured) in their high stakes heads-up match on WSOP.com. (Image: Twitter/Daniel Negreanu)

After suffering heavy losses at the start of the $200/$400 No Limit Hold’em showdown, Negreanu has rallied in recent days.

But even though he’s reduced the deficit by more than $200,000, he’s still in the hole $60,000+. The good news, however, is that there are still more than 22,000 hands left to play.

Doug Polk in Control

As things stand, Polk is on course to emerge victorious after 25,000 hands. The pair have played six sessions overall and the brash American has won almost all of the biggest pots.

The match, however, is far from over. Plus, Negreanu has performed better than many expected. Indeed, heading into the contest, he was the 4/1 underdog by most oddsmaker’s reckoning.

The line may not have moved that much but it’s far from the whitewash many predicted. In fact, many would argue that Negreanu has also been a touch unlucky so far.

For example, a pivotal hand on November 16 saw Kid Poker lose an $80,000+ pot on the river. With the board show 5-K-Q, Daniel Negreanu moved all-in over the top of a bet Polk.

Negreanu had Q-5 and Polk called with pocket aces. A 4 on the turn didn’t change anything, but a king on the river gave Polk a better two pair and a pot worth more than $80,000.

Daniel Negreanu is Due Some Luck

That’s the second time Polk has caught a lucky break on the river; something Negreanu is yet to enjoy. Based on that, it’s fair to say the latter is due a break at some point.

A change of fortune could also change the match. However, at this point, Negreanu is in the hole for $67,625 after 2,374 hands.

If the pair get to the midway point (12,500 hands) and the person losing wants to quit, that’s acceptable.

However, with millions riding on the match, both in terms of what’s on the table and side bets, it’s unlikely either player will throw in the towel. That means the rail is in for plenty more action over the coming weeks.

Already the live streams and replays have been viewed by thousands. And, if the contest remains as close as it is now, interest is only going to increase as we move towards the business end of the competition.


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