Software Upgrade at 888poker to Tackle Disconnect Issues

August 2nd, 2015 | by Brian Corlisse
888poker upgrades software to tackle disconnections.

A software upgrade now means 888poker can pause tournaments and fix network issues without players losing money. (Image:

Following a spate of network disruptions, 888poker has installed a new “pause tournament” feature to help eliminate further problems for tournament grinders.

Throughout July the site has suffered a number of technical glitches which have resulted in a number of tournaments being cancelled and players left out of pocket.

Earlier this month the official 888poker thread on 2+2 was renewed and almost instantly it was filled with players complaining about disconnections and glitches.

StephanBo: It’s a problem going on for months if not years. This is the most undeveloped poker software you’ll probably find out there.”

irawr123: I recently started on 888, but have been getting extremely frequent disconnects over the first couple of days.”

Signs of Improvement

However, this message from ‘irawr123’ was followed with a later message which suggested the site had begun implementing a solution to the number of recent disconnections.

“Again a disconnect, but the tournaments I’m in have been paused. Seems they are aware and working on it,” wrote ‘irawr123’.

Anxious to address the situation and prevent any further backlash from its players, 888poker announced earlier this week that it has now implemented a new system to manually pause tournaments in the event of network issues.

Coming into force with immediate effect, the new system monitors the level of disruption across the network and if it reaches a level which is seen to be detrimental to a large number of players, the software can stop any running tournaments and prevent any players from losing their chips unnecessarily.

Work Still to Do

Although the post on 2+2 didn’t outline the specific details of the software upgrade, it will operate in a similar way to systems used on other sites, such as PokerStars, whereby the tournament clock will freeze until the problem has been resolved.

In the event that any issues can’t be resolved in a timely manner, 888poker will then cancel the tournament and remunerate players based on its standard cancellation policies.

The issue will then be analyzed in more depth at a later date by the site’s technical team.

“On top of recent connectivity enhancements to nullify this issue, we have activated a ‘pause tournament’ feature that enables us to temporarily pause tournaments. We will resume activity once the network returns to normal behavior or cancel tournaments altogether, ensuring players are automatically refunded in accordance with 888’s disconnection policy,” read an official statement from 888poker. 

Despite the positive steps taken by 888poker, recent forum posts suggests that issues are still disrupting play.

“I woke up today and read some of the last posts on here. That made me think that maybe 888 had sorted the out the disconnection problems. I was wrong,” wrote ‘Vandelay’.

Whether this glitch was an isolated case remains to be seen, but it does look as though 888poker are now proactively working to address the problems once and for all.

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  1. Davo311984 says:

    Always getting disconnect an I’ve checked AL my Internet it’s all good sicka logging back in all the time an getting my hands folded I spent so much money on this game would like 5 or 10 to play with for all problems becides that it’s a great game davo311984 would like to talk to managment

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